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Day 2 In ICU
Posted by Matt Hoyord
Dad is doing great this afternoon/evening. All of his tubes are out as well as his catheter. He went … Read more
Elsie and I are close to our 1 year anniversary
Posted by Jean Cook
3 more weeks till my 1 year anniversary of heart valve replacement. I went thru 12 weeks of cardiac … Read more
Day 7 Post Op
Posted by Mark LaBonte
Hi Everyone … Read more
Life on the other side
Posted by Sandei Gittle
5 days post-op, where did they go??? I lost the first 48 hrs, scaring my family. I'll try to give my … Read more
It's a good morning!
Posted by Matt Hoyord
It's been a good morning with wonderful news for my dad! The nurses told dad he was an overachiever … Read more
Jack visits the cardiologist
Posted by Jack Laws
We think Jack looks pretty good, but it was time for a professional opinion … Read more
Day 19 - Almost Three Weeks!
Posted by Cassie Fairbourn
Today's appointment with my cardiologist went well. Now that I am off the water pill he wants me … Read more
Isolated aortic valve surgery - Two days to go
Posted by Ralph Doak
Hello heart community! I have chosen my heart hospital and surgeon and a surgery date. My surgery is … Read more
He's Up!
Posted by Matt Hoyord
One more update: Dad is up & walking! This is a huge step for him and the nurses are behind him … Read more
Evening Update
Posted by Matt Hoyord
Mom just got back from visiting dad for a little while. Dad is sitting up and eating some jello. He … Read more
10 weeks since my new valve and all is well
Posted by Annette Corbett
WOW! Can't believe I have not created a journal since … Read more
Afternoon Day 1
Posted by Matt Hoyord
Dad is doing as well as expected. The breathing tube is now out and they are having him do breathing … Read more
Palps Under Control...
Posted by Dennis Wilson
I have been Palpitation Jackrabbit heart free for 3 full days now.... being a bit more careful … Read more
cardiac suite is still home
Posted by Yvette Neas
Home is still full of nurses, doctors, and heart patients. But its okay, blood levels want to stay … Read more
Surgeons Update
Posted by Matt Hoyord
Dr. Riveron stopped by to give us an update on how dad's surgery went. He said that when they got in … Read more
Update to Findings
Posted by Matt Hoyord
When Dr. Riveron opened him up, they realized they did not have to repair his aorta has was planned … Read more
He's Done!
Posted by Matt Hoyord
God is good!!! We just got the page that my dad is done! He is off the bypass machine and his heart … Read more
Heart Cath and TEE Scheduled
Posted by Susan Smith
Well my cardio is not wasting any time. Just got a call from his office and Pre admit on 3/12/14 for … Read more
Second Notification
Posted by Matt Hoyord
We just got another notification on the buzzer. Mom called into the nurse and she said that dad is … Read more
Go Time
Posted by Matt Hoyord
After about an hour of prep time in the OR we just got the buzz on the pager from the nurse saying … Read more
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