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Posted by Mayo Aguirre
3 Months ago I was Diagnosed with Ascending Aorta Aneurysm 4.4 mm. I have AltaMed Insurance, I lost … Read more
Posted by marisa bueti
Hi Everyone … Read more
Pre op.
Posted by Olga Landry
Wow. What a long and tiring day … Read more
Pre op.
Posted by Olga Landry
Wow. What a long and tiring day … Read more

Posted by Ray Spraul
If you are going to have heart surgery know that you will get through it. Heart surgeons are very … Read more
A Little Over a Year Since my Surgery
Posted by Ray Spraul
It has been a little over a year since my open heart surgery. My aortic valve was replaced for a … Read more
Posted by Rachel Shelley
Sorry I kind of posted that before I meant to … Read more
Hello again
Posted by Rachel Shelley
Can't believe it's been so long that the whole website has changed! I've been meaning to update for … Read more
surgery scheduled
Posted by Stephanie Spencer
Been so busy. Trying to keep up with everything. Letting family know and trying to get everything … Read more

Posted by Vicky Jungers
Hi. I found your site looking for information to help my dad. On aug 27 he had an AVR. He is 84 and … Read more

Posted by Joseph Ballett
To my wife Laura for Wednesday if i forget or can't say it Happy Anniversary I love you … Read more

Posted by Joseph Ballett
Today i shall open my heart and love one and all … Read more
Nine days till VS day
Posted by Joan Napier
I have been doing fairly well, keeping very busy with my "things to do before surgery" list. Getting … Read more
Almost 4 Weeks Later.....
Posted by Debbie Mullin
I've done "extremely well" according to the CICU nurses and medical staff at the hospital where I … Read more
Starting a Long countdown
Posted by Linda Crawford
I said I would start this journal today so here goes. Talked to my cardiologist today and got the … Read more
Ten days before surgery...
Posted by Don Wilson
Here I am on October 6th, sitting at Starbucks trying to imagine what is going to take place on the … Read more
System Update: Guestbook Notifications Going Live
Posted by Adam Pick
Hi everybody … Read more
Posted by John Noriega
Just got back from seeing my cardiac surgeon. He confirmed what I already knew from the angiogram … Read more
New Feature: A Pop-Up To Prevent Duplicate Posts
Posted by Adam Pick
Hey everybody! I've received some good feedback and seen an issue about posting comments. Sometimes … Read more
New Changes to Heart Valve Journals
Posted by Adam Pick
Hey everybody, I wanted you to know that we just made some more changes to our community section -- … Read more
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