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Holster Moniter off.
Posted by Olga Landry
I finally got the monitor off. the two sticker things were on my scar from when I had surgery when I … Read more

Posted by Michael Poe
I received a phone call for pre-op tomorrow, it appears that everything is right on time for my … Read more
Today was another day long ordeal
Posted by Lillian Mark
Today was very rough.but there was good news.Read my good news in the comment/reply to my Barlow's … Read more
Stress test ... Possible leak?
Posted by Thomas Campbell
I am waiting to hear the results of my stress test I had a couple days ago. I seem to handle it well … Read more
News on our Heart Brother Steve (Popeye)
Posted by Karen Pineda
I just got word from a friend of Steve Husted (our dear heart brother Popeye). He is doing well in … Read more
Posted by Mary Ellen Doherty
I spoke with yesterday right after her second 10 minute walk around her neighborhood … Read more
Posted by shannon parratto
Hmmm… almost 7 months post op now. It feels like yesterday. I came out of the gates strong … Read more
One year behind me!
Posted by Rebecca Schneider
One year ago, today I was on heart-lung bypass and receiving a new Mitral Valve. Hard to believe it … Read more
Email Notifications To Your Subscribers
Posted by Adam Pick
Good news everybody! We figured out the issue with our email notification service for the journals. … Read more
First walk at home!
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
I just walked with Gary 850 ft. across the street to the park a bit and back. Fresh air felt really … Read more
Headed for the Big Outdoors!
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Good morning Heart Brothers and Sisters! First thing out of my "mind "this morning is this … Read more
pre op day today.....Barlow'sDisease
Posted by Lillian Mark
Today was a long day at the hospital. I knew my mitral valve particularly, is in rough shape. Today … Read more
Cardiac Rehab
Posted by Michael Meyer
Started rehab today at the Heart Care Institute here in St. Louis. Lot's of paperwork to review … Read more
Part 2 of Gary' & Terrie's pre-surgery escapade!
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Oh well back to the night before surgery part 2. We left you in suspense as Gary had just hustled … Read more
Holster moniter. and delay
Posted by Olga Landry
Well. I got the moniter yesterday for 48. Karen I can't stop thinking of you wondering how you … Read more
Help with post operative symptoms
Posted by Lynn Bush
Hi … Read more
Posted by David Warner
At the risk of repeating, I thought some of the community members might like my story...at least, … Read more
Pre Sugery Escipade?????
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Good morning. Going to take you on a Journey of Pre-surgery as it will enlighten anyone interested … Read more
Still walking...
Posted by Michael Poe
I am still doing my daily walks. It appears to be getting easier. I had told myself before my … Read more
This afternoon marks one week home from the hospital.
Posted by David Warner
Some random thoughts, feelings and observations … Read more
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