Aortic Valve Replacement Video

Aortic Valve Surgery Video With Dr. Svensson & Dr. Pettersson of the Cleveland Clinic

At the request of my readers and blog subscribers, I am going to start posting heart valve surgery videos at this website to help patients and caregivers better understand what happens during a heart valve repair or heart valve replacement surgery.

In this particular video, Dr. Svensson and Dr. Pettersson from The Cleveland Clinic discuss two types of aortic valve surgery.

  • Aortic valve replacement surgery in which the diseased aortic valve that suffers from stenosis or regurgitation is replaced with a mechanical or biological tissue valve.
  • Aortic valve repair surgery in which the valve is reconstructed -- either the annulus or leaflets -- to enhance valvular function. 

The link above is for an aortic valve surgery video. Over the next few days, I am going to post several other heart valve surgery videos, Ross Procedure videos and more!


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Mike Nunes
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