Heart Surgery Innovations: Transcatheter Mitral Valve Devices (TMVR)

In this special video, you will learn the newest medical advances for the use of transcatheter mitral valve devices for the treatment of mitral valve diseases including mitral regurgitation, mitral stenosis and mitral annular calcification (MAC). Dr. Steve Bolling, a leading mitral valve surgeon who has performed over 7,000 cardiac procedures and more than 5,000 heart valve operations, explains the evolution, current status and the future utility of transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVr) and transcatheter mitral valve replacement (TMVR) devices. Transcatheter devices typically require no incision to the patient's chest or ribs, no use of the heart-lung machine and patients are often discharged from the hospital in one to two days. (Video posted on May 5, 2022)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Steve Bolling

Dr. Steve Bolling

Cardiac Surgeon
Michigan Medicine
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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