Mitral Valve Repair Annuloplasty Rings: Surgeon Q&A with Dr. Steve Bolling

During mitral valve repair procedures, surgeons use annuloplasty rings to support the mitral valve. The rings help the mitral leaflets close better and stop the flow of blood backwards across the valve. In this video, you will get important facts about mitral valve repair rings, also known as annuloplasty rings, used to prevent mitral regurgitation that may occur from valvular disorders including mitral valve prolapse. For this interview, we were lucky to interview Dr. Steven Bolling, the Director of the Mitral Valve Program at Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Bolling is a world-renowned surgeon who has successfully treated many patients in the community. He has also invented several devices that have helped advance heart surgery. Great job Dr. Bolling! (Video posted on May 18, 2018)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Steve Bolling

Dr. Steve Bolling

Director, Mitral Valve Program
Michigan Medicine
Ann Arbor, MI

(888) 647-1528

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