Ask Dr. McCarthy: How Bad Does My Heart Murmur Have To Be Before It's Fixed?

In this special video, Dr. Patrick McCarthy answers Ruth's question, "How bad does my mitral valve heart murmur need to be before it gets fixed?" Mitral valve heart murmurs typically result from mitral regurgitation which causes the heart valve to leak blood backwards through the valve. Over time, this can lead to many health issues for patients including fatigue, chest pain, atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure and death. Dr. Patrick McCarthy is a heart valve guru, who has successfully treated over 100 patients from the community. During his career, Dr. McCarthy has performed over 10,000 cardiac procedures and has been featured on over 500 journal publications. Dr. McCarthy has also invented many heart valve devices. (Video posted on May 18, 2015)

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Dr. Patrick McCarthy

Chief, Cardiac Surgery
Northwestern Medicine
Chicago, Illinois

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