Dr. Neelan Doolabh Gets "5-Star Video Review" from Andy!

Ready to see the first-ever "5-Star Patient Review" submitted by Andy Teel for Dr. Neelan Doolabh, his surgeon at UT Southwestern. Andy underwent a a successful minimally-invasive aortic valve replacement surgery from Dr. Doolabh at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Doolabh is able to repair or replace a valve through a 2-inch incision between the ribs without cutting through the breastbone (sternum). As a result, recovery time is reduced to about 10 days versus six weeks for traditional open surgery. (Video posted on July 17, 2023)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Neelan Doolabh

Dr. Neelan Doolabh

Cardiac Surgeon
UT Southwestern
Dallas, Texas

(469) 423-8171

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