Mitral Valve Repair Success Story: Janet Ruddock

Many patients in our community do their homework. For example, Janet Ruddock knew she wanted a mitral valve repair not a mitral valve replacement procedure. Janet suffered from mitral regurgitation. She favored a mitral valve repair for several reasons including a return to normal life expectancy, no blood thinner use, and freedom from re-operation. Janet also did a lot of research prior to selecting Dr. Patrick McCarthy as her surgeon. Watch this inspirational success story of Janet Ruddock who ultimately had a mitral valve repair surgery performed by Dr. Patrick McCarthy at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. After her surgery, Janet is doing great!!! Great job Dr. McCarthy!!! (Video posted on May 20, 2018)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Patrick McCarthy

Dr. Patrick McCarthy

Chief, Cardiac Surgery
Northwestern Medicine
Chicago, Illinois

(888) 531-7541

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