Ask Dr. Ailawadi: Is the MitraClip a Standard Procedure?

Learn about the use of the MitraClip, a non-invasive device, to treat mitral regurgitation in patients using a mitral valve repair approach. In this video, Dr. Gorav Ailawadi, a heart surgeon at Michigan Medicine, addresses common questions about this new technology that does not require an incision to the patient's sternum or ribs. Instead, the MitraClip is a transcatheter medical device in which the clip is inserted into the patient's heart through an artery. This next-generation device was initially developed by Evalve and is currently owned by Abbot Laboratories. Most recently, the MitraClip was shown to clinically help patients who experience heart failure due to mitral regurgitation during the COAPT clinical trial. (Video posted on May 17, 2015)

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Dr. Gorav Ailawadi

Chief, Cardiac Surgery
Michigan Medicine
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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