MitraClip: Can It Repair My Mom's Mitral Valve?

In this special “Surgeon Questions & Answers” video, Dr. Gerdisch addresses an important question about the use of the MitraClip for Brian’s mom, an active patient who was unexpectedly diagnosed with severe mitral regurgitation. Dr. Gerdisch explains the use of the MitraClip for different types of patients diagnosed with cardiomyopathy (an enlarged heart), heart failure and mitral valve leaflet problems. Dr. Gerdisch also addresses the nuances of using the MitraClip compared to minimally-invasive mitral valve repair surgery. Dr. Gerdisch is a mitral valve expert having performed over 4,000 heart valve repair and replacement operations. (Video posted on June 7, 2022)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Marc Gerdisch

Dr. Marc Gerdisch

Chief, Cardiac Surgery
Franciscan Health
Indianapolis, Indiana

(317) 682-0089

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