Surgeon Q&A: Minimally-Invasive Mitral Valve Repair with Dr. Marc Gerdisch

Patients with mitral regurgitation have several treatment options available to them. During the past 30 years, however, new minimally-invasive techniques and innovations have been developed to help patients accelerate recovery, spend less time in the hospital, and experience little or no pain following surgery. In this video, we interview Dr. Marc Gerdisch, a leading mitral valve surgeon at Franciscan Health in Indianapolis, Indiana, who has dedicated his medical practice to the management and the treatment of heart valve disease. Watch this video to get critical insights about the advantages of mitral valve repair surgery using minimally-invasive therapies, cryoanalgesia and rigid sternal fixation. In addition, Dr. Gerdisch addresses the importance of concomitant procedures including tricuspid valve repair and surgical ablation (the Maze procedure) for the under-treatment of atrial fibrillation. (Video posted on April 27, 2021)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Marc Gerdisch

Chief, Cardiac Surgery
Franciscan Health
Indianapolis, Indiana

(317) 682-0089

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