Baby Aspirin & Heart Surgery: New Research Update

For the past 30 years, Baby Aspirin (low-dose) has been recommended for the prevention and the management of heart disease. The American Heart Association, for example, has suggested the use of low-dose aspirin can help those at risk for a heart attack (when prescribed by their doctor) and those patients who have survived a heart attack. New research, however, has raised questions about the appropriate use of low-dose aspirin (81mg) for patients. In this video, Dr. Marc Gerdisch, the Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Franciscan Health in Indianapolis, Indian, provides cardiac patients in the community several guidelines for the use of Baby Aspirin for patients who have heart valve disease, those patients who have undergone heart valve replacement surgery and those patients with coronary artery disease. (Video posted on February 3, 2022)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Marc Gerdisch

Dr. Marc Gerdisch

Chief, Cardiac Surgery
Franciscan Health
Indianapolis, Indiana

(317) 682-0089

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