Surgeon Insights: Coronary Artery Disease & Heart Valve Disorders

Did you know that up to 27% of patients with heart valve disorders also suffer from coronary artery disease? In this video, Dr. Husam Balkhy, the Director of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Cardiac Surgery at University of Chicago Medicine, explains the association, detection and treatment of coronary artery disease in the presence of heart valve defects. Dr. Balkhy, who has performed thousands of cardiac procedures, also discusses the use of minimally-invasive and hybrid approaches during operations to treat both blocked arteries and heart valve disease during one surgery. (Video posted on July 19, 2023)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Husam Balkhy

Dr. Husam Balkhy

Director, Minimally-Invasive Surgery
University of Chicago Medicine
Chicago, IL

(773) 757-5030

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