Dr. Taylor Tang

Dr. Taylor Tang
Heart Surgeon

Orange, CA
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (1)

"My experience with Dr. Tang was amazing!! He came to the catheter lab and introduced himself after my angiogram.

During that meeting, he explained that my aortic valve needed to be replaced and answered all of my questions. I explained to Dr. Tang that I wanted to have the surgery as soon as possible so I could make it to my daughter’s college graduation which was out of state. I was also concerned about having a massive scar down my chest, because I like to wear lower cut shirts.

We set surgery date three months prior to my daughter’s graduation which Dr. Tang said would be enough time to heal and recover from surgery. After surgery he told me he started the incision as low as he could and it is only three inches long. He remembered that I did not want a massive scar!!

My sternal wires had been bothering me; they hurt when I turned over in bed or picked up something off the floor. I figure I could live with this until I had my mammogram (seven months after surgery); it felt as if my chest was going to rip apart. I called Dr. Tang’s office and made an appointment to discuss the possibility of having the wires removed. Dr. Tang could not guarantee me that the wire removal would solve my pain with my mammogram, but we decided to remove the wires anyways. Dr. Tang removed the wires October 17th almost nine months after my Aortic Valve replacement.

Dr. Tang has a great bedside manner. He is kind and really cares about his patients. My surgery results are amazing! Dr. Tang is God's gift to St. Jude Medical Center in Orange, California"

Posted by Karen Barner, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, Mini Sternotomy, 01/30/2019