Dr. Nicholas Lopez

Dr. Nicholas Lopez
Heart Surgeon

Paducah, KY
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (2)

"Very happy with my choice of surgeons! Dr. Lopez explains everything. He talks to you like a friend. He inspired confidence. The surgery was a success."

Posted by Rufus Lisanby, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, Median Sternotomy, 06/03/2019

"Dr. Lopez was recommended to me by my cardiologist whom I've since "fired" because of his poor bedside manner even though he is highly regarded as a very knowledgeable cardiologist! The contrast between him and Dr. Lopez convinced me I needed to find another cardiologist which I have done, and am pleased with my selection.. I use to work as a respiratory therapist and I truly know the difference between doctor's abilities to work with patients. Dr. Lopez shows sincere concern about his patients and with me he was patient when I was trying to digest the information he was telling me as to why I needed the surgery, the procedure he would use and that patient explanation was very comforting. There was a problem with the valve replacement material and the procedure was interrupted but I'm told Dr. Lopez sought advice and combined that with his own knowledge and completed the job without damage to me, the patient. When I was able to understand the information he patiently answered all my questions and those of my family. I'm surprised after such a surgery one sees his/her surgeon maybe once or twice more. I'm sure it is to help the patient become self reliant, and not so dependent on the doctor but I do think it's a bit risky and would like to see monthly visits for maybe the first 6 months.I do think a lot of apprehension could be eliminated by knowing one would be seeing the surgeon"soon"., and by having questions answered throughout the early part of recovery, would be therapeutic. I would highly recommend Dr. Lopez to anyone who puts a premium on surgical skill and wonderful communication skills. I asked him one day about why he becamse a heart surgeon and he said because he loves the concept of the heart's function and pertinence.He then he brought out a wooden "heart' model he had received as a child and he held it in his hands showing how one valve opens and closes and so on and looked like a little kid showing off his brand new toy. That was my ah,ah moment that he would do the job well and with kid like enthusiasm... My husband and I are going to retire away from Kentucky in 2 years but if I have to have the mitral valve replaced later on, I will ask Dr. Lopez wherever he is at that time, wherever I am at the time, to perform the surgery."

Posted by Marsha Clift, Aortic Valve, Mitral Valve, Valve Repair, Valve Replacement, Median Sternotomy, 03/20/2010