Dr. Mark Bleiweis
Heart Surgeon

Gainesville, FL
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (3)

"On the first visit when I met Dr. Bleiweis, he walked in the room and introduced himself; "Hi, I'm Mark!" I immediately felt a connection and my parents were put at ease not only with his bedside manner, but also with his extensive experience with pulmonary valve replacement on Tetrology of Fallot patients. Dr. Bleiweis took time to explain the procedure, review my MRI, X-rays and Echocardiogram with us. The surgery went very well, so well I was released just 5 days after surgery. We feel that Dr. Bleiweis is the absolute best there is! "

Posted by Michael Rogers, Pulmonary Valve, Valve Replacement, 06/02/2011

"Excellent final outcome, but possibly created an unneeded complication by pulling a chest tube (for pneumothorax) too early, resulting in the need to reinsert the tube 10 hours later in the same location. Preferred surgical fellow Sunil Malhotra for his bedside manner and follow-up."

Posted by Kevin V, Pulmonary Valve, Valve Replacement, 02/09/2010

"Doctor Bleiweis was able to repair Eli’s (my son) aortic valve with a tissue patch. Doctor Bleiweis and the entire staff at Shands were the most amazing, compassionate professionals. The medical team made our family feel extremely comfortable in their care of Eli, which greatly reduced my stress level. We feel truly blessed to have people like Dr. Bleiweis and the wonderful Shands staff help us through this life changing experience."

Posted by Denise Rountree, Aortic Valve, Valve Repair, Median Sternotomy, 07/13/2009