Dr. James McPherson

Dr. James McPherson
Heart Surgeon

Oxnard, CA
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (2)

"I met my surgeon the day of my angiogram. I liked him from the first time we talked. He made me feel comfortable immediately. I was extremely happy to hear that he was going to perform a mini sternotomy. My recovery went well with no complications. I would highly recommend Dr. McPherson to anyone that needed to have their valve replaced or repaired."

Posted by Steve Freedman, Aortic Valve, Mini Sternotomy, 10/05/2010

"I met Dr. McPherson following my attendance of the Remote Area Medicine Clinic in Los Angeles. I went there because my wife and I recently had lost our jobs and had no health insurance. After describing my symptoms, I was asked if I wanted to see a cardiologist and CT surgeon at Providence Little Company of Mary which is where I had my initial assessment with Dr. McPherson. I underwent a minimally invasive valve surgery and within 48-hours of the surgery was on my feet walking around without feeling weak at all. Dr. McPherson truly saved my life. My family and I cannot find the words to express our gratitude for the care he and the hospital provided to me under my circumstances. He is a great surgeon! "

Posted by Reodello Raysantos, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, Mini Sternotomy, 03/22/2010