Dr. Ismail El-Hamamsy
Heart Surgeon

Montreal, Canada
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (1)

"He is probably the most human surgeon out there. When I first found out I needed surgery I was devastated. I new my whole like that I would at some point.... but without truly understanding what it entailed. I was introduced to Dr.El-Hamamsy as he is one of Canada’s Ross procédure specialists (he just celebrated his 400th procedure). He reassured me that I would get to participate in whatever race i’d Want to in the future once i was healed. He also understood that I was slightly anxious and shared that he’d try to accelerate the date of my operation (I was being scheduled for January and it was early October). Twice I needed to present myself at the hospital, and both times he came to find me as he wa told that I was « in the house ». On my 2nd visit . . . He confirmed to me that he would get me scheduled by the end of November. November 17th, one week later, I got the call. The operation was completed on November 20th successfully. He came out with a huge smile to greet my family and reassured them that I was doing well. For the 5 days I was at the hospital, he came every evening to check up on me. The nurses told me that I was very fortunate as very few surgeons did that. His whole program is amazing with continued follow-ups. I’d recommend him and the Cardiology Institute of Montreal to anyone that needs it."

Posted by Sophie Scoufaras, Aortic Valve, Pulmonary Valve, Ross Procedure, 11/20/2017