Dr. Irvin Krukenkamp

Dr. Irvin Krukenkamp
Heart Surgeon

Stony Brook, NY
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (1)

"For several years I was told I had Mitral Valve Prolapse. Unfortunately, this was not the case. A keen doctor discovered I indeed had Aortic Stenosis stemming from what seems to be a birth defect. Severely calcified, I'm amazed it was even beating at all! Time for me..was running out and running out fast. I 'squeaked' like a lil duck..so loud..one could hear it from 3 feet away for months. My Physician being very concerned, sent me to Stony Brook University Hospital. I saw several doctors, had several tests, asked many questions. I was given a list of doctors..I chose Doctor Irvin Krukenkamp from that list. He was an expert on this type of surgery. The day came for my surgery. I took a leap of Faith. Last Rights were requested. My Mother and sister waited while surgery was performed..it was a long wait. Longer than expected. Interesting day we all had. :) I was given the cath..I viewed it..by the way it was an awesome view! My surgeon explained what I was viewing which I appreciate more than one can imagine. I finally knew the reason for the strange sound and my surgeon knew he could repair this. It was time. There I was..with a man I hardly knew, about to be opened up..and I had to trust him with everything I had within me. I did just that. After all...my next step would have been Heaven. It almost was. Doctor Krukenkamp was and is..an amazing, intelligent surgeon. We met eye to eye. He's a gifted individual..to say the least...he's Blessed. There are many other surgeons that are as well. I only stayed 2.5 days or so in the hospital, recovery was a bit difficult, I did much of it on my own. It has been a long road with many changes and challenges but all in all, I know I chose the best surgeon for my life's sake. My experience would take a book.. This surgeons' mannerism was above and beyond any I've personally met. Yes, I am happy with the result..very happy. I have a heart that beats properly and without pain. I've kept in mind, individualism when it comes to healing, as well. For anyone considering open heart surgery: Please, don't hesitate once you find your 'perfect' surgeon. Your very life depends on it. God Bless You and Your Surgical Team!"

Posted by Lori Fusco, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, 02/18/1999