Dr. Arnar Geirsson

Dr. Arnar Geirsson
Heart Surgeon

New Haven, CT
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (1)

"Dr. Geirsson and his team are outstanding in every aspect of care. From the first appointment, where everything was explained patiently, completely, and compassionately, through the post-surgery appointment, Dr. Geirsson, Yale Hospital, and everyone connected to my care provided the best care possible.

The surgery was a robotic mitral valve repair and involved both leaflets. I was in the hospital for four days and left feeling comfortable and encouraged for a full recovery. Dr. Geirsson communicates very clearly and his nurse, Maureen Legenos, walked me through all of the necessary preparations for the surgery. She returned calls when I had questions and the calls did not end until I was clear on everything I needed to do. I cannot emphasize enough how important this aspect of care was because preparation for surgery is emotionally trying and you want to make sure you do everything right. Maureen was amazing.

Yale Hospital was perfect, even during COVID when everyone was stretched thin. The check in at the hospital was flawless, the pre surgical preparation team kept me calm, comfortable, and informed throughout the waiting for surgery. Every doctor and nurse with whom I connected was personable and caring. Dr. Geirsson's PA was also involved in my care and he, too, was easy to engage and clear and complete with his communication. Dr. Geirsson called my wife immediately after surgery and briefed her on what was done and how things went. Post surgery, the CICU nurses and staff were always there to help and proactive in making sure I was comfortable and making progress to step down to the cardiac care unit. And there, every nurse and assistant was on top of everything a recovering patient could need. From my first walks through discharge, I was well attended, encouraged to progress, and made to feel like the only thing that mattered was my recovery and progress to getting home. I was fortunate that post surgery I did not need narcotic pain killers after my IV's were removed. The pain level was controlled with Tylenol and nothing else. Most importantly, the results of my surgery were outstanding. I recovered well enough to run a 5k within the year (and I had never run before). I had no complications with any aspect of the surgery.

Dr. Geirsson deserves the highest possible recommendation for all heart patients needing a surgeon. He is an outstanding surgeon who produced a great result for me, but more than that, he and his team delivered expert and compassionate care at every turn. I always felt comfortable and well informed during the entire process and was confident that everyone at Yale was invested in my care and well being."

Posted by Joseph Heinzmann, Mitral Valve, Valve Repair, 01/12/2021