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After Surgery
Posted by Sonia Castro
I wanna know why when you have heart surgery why you get lots of headaches!!! I'm young my first … Read more
Getting Ready!!!
Posted by John Noriega
I am scheduled for my surgery at 11:30 a.m. I have to be at Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento … Read more
3 years...time is flying by!
Posted by J H Mattingly
Just another has-been posting on his 3 year surgery anniversary. I posted a year ago on my 2 yr … Read more
monday starting 10 weeks out
Posted by Steven A Husted
4 months after surgery
Posted by Christopher Ollendorf
I never found this site till about a month after my surgery so I never really kept a journal but I … Read more
On my way home.
Posted by Olga Landry
Hello Everyone … Read more
High risk recuperation
Posted by Nancy Rigney
Am having my aortic and mitral valves replaced on November 3rd. Unfortunately am overweight and … Read more
This is my last day of work for a while
Posted by Melinda Hacker
It's starting to feel real! Just one more day of work. I go for testing on Monday and Tuesday is … Read more
6 months Post today
Posted by Daryl McCallum
Well its been six months since my surgery and at this time 6 months ago I was sound asleep in ICU … Read more

Posted by Gary Mercer
Well all of you where right. I had my heart cath today through my wrist and all went really good. … Read more

Posted by Lisa Craig
Scheduled for Aortic valve replacement (bovine) and double bypass on 10/28. Anyone else had both … Read more
Pec pain post op 8 weeks--normal?
Posted by E Blank
I am 8 weeks post op from mitral valve repair. I am walking about a mike a day as well as slowly … Read more
Relaunch Update: Notification System & Photo Comments
Posted by Adam Pick
Hey everybody … Read more
Last Day Before Surgery!
Posted by John Noriega
Well, this is it! One day to go! At this time tomorrow I'll be in post-op. It seems like it's been … Read more
Seven weeks post surgery
Posted by Jim Newman
Well, I'm almost "back". Have had two lengthy days out shopping and traveling, and was bushed at … Read more
Cardiac rehab
Posted by Sandra Dill
Just finished my 2nd week of cardiac rehab, it's been 8 weeks since my AVR surgery. I am starting … Read more
Hi Ho Hi Ho its Back to Work I go.
Posted by Colette McDiarmid
Yippee! First day back to work yesterday. I can't believe I have been away almost 5 months! It … Read more
Almost a year......and now I don't recognize anyone here!
Posted by Rob Wigley
We are travelling back to Dallas in a couple of weeks so that I can visit various docs. My surgeon … Read more
1 Year Post Surgery
Posted by Sidney Nash
Been meaning to write this awhile now. It seems like I had the surgery last week in the details … Read more

Posted by Joseph Ballett
Hi just wanting to say hello to one and all, i see a few people that i have talked with , in the … Read more
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