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Wiped out today...
Posted by Deb Bialecki
I cannot believe how tired and lousy I feel today. 6 weeks post-op and thought I was feeling better … Read more
I'm back!
Posted by Suzanne Kosakowski
Well somehow I figured how to reset my password so I'm back online. I HATE passwords … Read more
5 days and counting
Posted by John Freedy
Well, I woke up this Saturday morning in fairly good spirits. I had last week off to begin to … Read more
Ready for Preop
Posted by Michael Meyer
It's been a while since an entry. In the last stages before surgery (insurance review, application … Read more
What You See Is What You Get - Many New Photos
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
Been busy tonight enjoying some of the pics I have, and quite a number of new ones have been posted … Read more
Happy 4th of July!!!
Posted by James Jones
I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday … Read more
July 4, 2014 God Bless the USA!
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
Count Up Day 4 of 42! Three days down and good ones at that! Today is quiet and I actually slept in … Read more
Um, it was interesting
Posted by Mary Anderson
So, my angiogram/cath was not without pain/discomfort, but it was tolerable … Read more
Posted by Barbara Hoth
It seems like I slept a lot yesterday but I am getting all of the walking required. My pain level … Read more
First of 2 dental procedures before surgery completed!
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Well hello to all the Journal readers out there and a … Read more
Migraine stress or heart
Posted by M Ratchford
12 days and counting - I seem to be having more migraine episodes and I am not sure whether this is … Read more
Update: one week later the medical plan is working.
Posted by David Augustus
Happy Fourth of July heartland … Read more
Varicose Veins
Posted by Julia Hsu
Ok. They might have found out why my legs are swollen: I have varicose veins. I never thought I had … Read more
July 3, 2014 Day 3 in Count Up to 42
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
It is Day 3 on my Count Up to 42! What a great day … Read more
Update from the CSU
Posted by Barbara Hoth
I walked a fair amout today and slept a fair amount today. I had a couple visitors this morning … Read more
Counting down - recovery in a week!!
Posted by Michael Culpepper
Hello, friends and family … Read more
AM Report
Posted by Barbara Hoth
Barb had a remarkably good night, she slept well. Up and out of bed twice this morning, ate … Read more
9 Weeks - Team HVJ!
Posted by Brian Walsh
I hope everyone has a happy 4th. Whether recovering, preparing or waiting, enjoy the weekend and … Read more
Posted by Terrie Syvertsen
Well folks, Good Morning where ever you are … Read more
Feel suddenly tired / dazed a year after aorta valve repair
Posted by wayne thompson
Hello all … Read more
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