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4 weeks post op and follow up appointment with Surgeon and E
Posted by Holly Geary
Good to go! I received permission yesterday from the CT Surgeon to travel to Florida with my husband … Read more
Two Weeks until "VS Day"...
Posted by Joan Napier
So here I am, with VS day quickly approaching. On October 16, I will undergo mitral valve surgery at … Read more
Posted by Erica Eberl
So, my heart cath was more difficult than expected. They tried to go in through my wrist and the … Read more
Almost three months after surgery
Posted by Eleanor R
Twelve weeks after surgery, what a difference time makes. Twelve weeks finds me in the second week … Read more

Posted by Elaine Foster
This is a ladies only question~ What has been your experience with a wearing a bra after surgery? … Read more
Skin cancer
Posted by Gary Mercer
I had one of the lesions taken off my arm and it healing but have decided to wait after my surgery … Read more
Cardiac Catheterization
Posted by Anthony Owens
Having the cardiac cath procedure done tomorrow morning. Ready to get it over with … Read more
Thursday and still no call
Posted by Joseph Ballett
Well Thursday is now done and still no call about a rebook time hope it comes soon, i want to have … Read more
Updating The Notification System!
Posted by Adam Pick
Great news everybody! Thanks to your feedback, we are making some changes to the new Notification … Read more
Earthquake! October 2, 2014
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
ONE never knows what will happen tomorrow! Today at 1:02 CDT an earthquake 4.4 in scale shook this … Read more

Posted by Howard Herman
my surgery is delayed due to an infection on my arm. Doctor is cautious not wanting to chance … Read more

Posted by M Ratchford
Wanted to say a huge thank you and hugs to the suppprt I got from this blog. I live in the UK and … Read more
October 1, 2014 - Signs of Strength and Life - Two Months Af
Posted by Virginia (Ginger) French
Two weeks ago, before my Grand Autumn's first birthday, I called my cardiologist's office to see if … Read more
Doing OK except for
Posted by Daryl McCallum
Working on 6 months post surgery and doing well except for the driving which is a bummer for me. I … Read more
The Waiting Game
Posted by Aubrey Moses
Future aortic valve replacement and aortic root aneurysm repair. The waiting is frustrating … Read more
Post-Op Surgeon visit
Posted by Michael Poe
Well it has now been 4 weeks and I seen my Cardiac Surgeon today. Was released to drive, Sandy had … Read more
My Angiogram
Posted by John Noriega
Just saw my cardiologist and have cleared everything for my angiogram. It is scheduled for tomorrow … Read more
2 years post Cardioversion still in NSR! 26 months post MV r
Posted by Paul Rose
Hi to all my HVJ friends, Can't believe it is now over two years since my Mitral Valve Repair ( … Read more
Length of surgery/ Other Things
Posted by Anthony Owens
I'm scheduled to have heart valve replacement surgery this month. What's the average length of time … Read more
Mechanical Valve
Posted by Anthony Owens
Anyone out there that chose a mechanical valve? If so, what's your quality of life like now? What … Read more
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