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Doctor week continues
Posted by Susan Smith
Well I have survived the last 2 weeks and now I see the Cardiologist this morning at 10 a.m. I had … Read more
Day 9
Posted by Darryl Harrington
Just heard that I am leaving around for home... I'm thrilled! More when I get settled back in at … Read more
It's me!
Posted by Meredith Bray
Good morning everybody! Got a pain pill at 5, u out of bed in to recliner at 6, shift change at 7 … Read more
10 hours to go
Posted by Angela Creason
Had a full day of pre op preparation, meeting with Dr Miller and checking out this beautiful campus … Read more
My Journey
Posted by Chris Gilmore
Hello, I am really glad to find this wonderful web site. 13 years ago when I had my surgery I felt … Read more
Post Op Day 1
Posted by Meredith Bray
Feeling better today. Not as much pain management needed. Got up and around a bit and had a lot of … Read more
El Presidente Suite!!
Posted by Yvette Neas
All right! We have now arrived at room 537, so you have moved on up and out of ICU. I think the … Read more
Anyone have their surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore?
Posted by Connie Jewell
I was just wondering if anyone on the list has had their surgery done at Johns Hopkins Hospital … Read more
Caution rains
Posted by Darryl Harrington
Hi everyone, my surgeon Dr Kelley is being ultra cautious because the bottom of on my lungs is not … Read more
Palpitations..... ugh!
Posted by Dennis Wilson
Day 12 (not including operation day, had things messed up a touch :) - Managed to work a few … Read more
5 Weeks Post-Op
Posted by Susan Muhly
I continue to see steady improvement. I am walking quite a bit farther now and am close to my normal … Read more
Thursday Morning Check-in
Posted by Yvette Neas
You look good but tired this morning. Sounds like you didn't get much sleep last night. That's too … Read more
Post Op
Posted by Mark LaBonte
Good morning all! I think it's now day two for surgery. My recovery seems to be going well. I spent … Read more
Posted by Debbie Mcguinness
I am now 17 days post AVR op, I am feeling stronger each day and I am able to do so much more for … Read more
Pre Op tomorrow
Posted by Angela Creason
I have a pre op echo at 7, followed by some lab work and meet with Dr Miller. Friday I will be … Read more
8 hours and counting...
Posted by Sandei Gittle
Sitting here with a glass of Chardonnay thinking … Read more
Last Post for Wednesday Night
Posted by Yvette Neas
Well Sis, you've done great. What a trouper! I have a hard time wrapping my head around everything … Read more
Vascular surgeon visit
Posted by Anna Thomasq
Well, I had the appointment with the vascular surgeon this afternoon to hear about the results of … Read more
Got to see you for the first time post-op
Posted by Yvette Neas
They took us all back about 2:50pm. We went back as a full group. You looked GREAT!!! Yes, even … Read more
Posted by Meredith Bray
4:00pm Awake, groggy and sore. Just working on getting blood gases in check. Stupid CO2. Trying to … Read more
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