Mitral Valve Re-Repair: A "Super-Specialty" Discussed with Dr. David Adams

The benefits of mitral valve repair surgery include long-term durability, freedom from re-operation, no use of blood thinners and a return to normal life expectancy. But, what happens if a mitral valve repair surgery fails? Can a patient get a mitral valve re-repair performed? Watch this video to learn important details about mitral valve re-repair operations in this interview with Dr. David Adams. So you know, Dr. Adams is a world-renowned mitral valve expert. He founded the Mitral Foundation and the Mitral Conclave, an educational conference that teaches mitral valve repair techniques to surgeons. In addition, Dr. Adams has successfully treated many patients in our community!!! (Video posted on May 19, 2018)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. David Adams

Cardiac Surgeon-In-Chief
Mount Sinai Hospital
New York City, New York

(866) 306-9648

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