Surgeon Q&A: Multiple Minimally-Invasive Heart Valve Surgery with Dr. Eric Weiss

Patients with multiple forms of heart valve disease have important questions about the different approaches used to access and fix heart valve defects. One big question is, "Can minimally-invasive techniques be used to treat multiple forms of heart valve disease during the same procedure?" In this video, we interview Dr. Eric Weiss, the Co-Director of the Structural Heart Program at Advocate Aurora Health in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Doctor Weiss is a minimally-invasive specialist who has successfully treated many patients in our community including Deirdre Hallet, Patrick Kerrigan and Maureen Hoffman. (Video posted on August 11, 2021)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Eric Weiss

Co-Director, Structural Heart Program
Advocate Aurora Health
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(414) 250-8676

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