5 Facts: Asymptomatic Mitral Regurgitation

Mitral valve disease is common referred to as a “insidious disease” as patients may not experience any symptoms of their cardiac disorder. As a result, patients may unknowingly experience cardiac damage that results in atrial fibrillation, heart failure and life-threatening situations. In this video, Dr. James Thomas addresses several important facts about the different types of mitral regurgitation, the treatment options, the prevalence of symptoms, monitoring mitral regurgitation using echocardiography, and more. Dr. Thomas is a world-renowned cardiologist who is known for his specialties in heart valve disease and echocardiography having worked at leading institutions including Cleveland Clinic, NASA and Northwestern Medicine. (Video posted on January 11, 2022)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. James Thomas

Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Northwestern Medicine
Chicago, Illinois

(312) 460-2451

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