4D-MRI Advances Heart Valve Research & Treatment!

In this video, you will learn how 4D-MRI is being used to research and to treat bicuspid aortic valves (which impacts 2% of the population) and associated cardiac conditions including aortic aneurysms (which can be a bulging of the aorta which can dissect). 4D-MRI is a relatively new and visual technology that can be used to help your medical team diagnose the next steps in the management and the treatment of valvular disorders including aortic stenosis and aortic regurgitation. We interview Dr. Paul Fedak, a leading heart surgeon and scientist from Northwestern Medicine, to learn the latest details about the use of 4D-MRI in his practice. (Video posted on January 27, 2014)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Paul Fedak

Dr. Paul Fedak

Heart Surgeon
Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta
Calgary, Canada

(403) 944-5931

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