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The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery has helped more than 47,000 patients and caregivers in 65 countries around the world. Below, you will find select testimonials for this book by Adam Pick, the former patient and author.



"Adam - I'm INCREDIBLY LUCKY to have found your book!
It's the only resource I've been able to find from a patient's perspective!"

-- Patient, Shannon Kotner, Macungie, Pennsylvania


"Hi Adam - I just want to say "Thank You!" for writing such
a wonderful book.  I bought it online. My husband and I have read
it cover-to-cover. Your book has been a Godsend!"
-- Caregiver, Mary Dello, Norfolk, Virginia

"As a former employee of Edwards Lifesciences, I knew a lot about artificial
valves. But, I did not know much about preparing for surgery.
Your book was a great help. Thank you Adam!" 

  -- Patient, David Swendson, California

"Dear Adam... Thanks for all you do! As a 73-year old,
your book was most helpful. I knew exactly what to expect.

-- Patient, Sylvia Woolworth, New Jersey


“Dear Adam, My Uncle Ted gave me your book a month before my surgery.
It was one of the best gifts I could have ever received. Your book really
helped to prepare me (as well as my family) for my surgery and recovery.
After reading your book, I was also able to communicate
more effectively with my surgeon and cardiologist.”
-- Patient, Melissa Causey, Texas


"The new 7th revised edition of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery
is terrific. For most patients, heart surgery is an emotionally stressful
step into the unknown. This book answers key questions, reassures
readers, and let's patient know that they are not alone." 
-- Dr. A. Marc Gillinov MD, Staff Surgeon, Cleveland Clinic
(Robin Williams' Aortic and Mitral Valve Surgeon)


"Adam: I just finished reading your well-written, well-constructed, easy-to-read,
attractive book. It is a great contribution for anyone who has to undergo
valvular surgery or procedure. I will recommend it to all those in need."
    -- Patient, Kato Pomer, 93 years young


"Adam - Many patients are benefitting from your work."
-- Dr. Vincent Gaudiani, Senior Cardiac Surgeon, Pacific Coast
Cardiac & Vascular Surgeons. (Over the past 25 years,
Dr. Gaudiani has performed over 10,000 operations.)


"Adam - As a dermatologist and mountain climber, your
book was very supportive as I prepared for heart valve
surgery and the recovery. Thanks!

-- Patient and Doctor, Leo Hernandez, M.D., California

"This book clearly contains the kind of knowledge often not imparted to patients.
I find it very useful for heart valve surgery patients. Thank you Adam!

-- Dr. Jeffrey Borer, Chairman of Cardiovascular Medicine, SUNY Medical Center,
Director, The Howard Gilman Institute for Heart Valve Disease




"I want you to know how helpful your book was to me
in the months leading up to surgery. Thanks Adam" 
-- Patient, Kelly Gaul, Colorado


"Adam - Your heart valve surgery book provided some incredible
information to help me prepare for surgery. Thanks!" 
-- Patient, Mark Linnus, New York

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"Thanks so much for writing your book. Six years ago I had open
heart surgery for a diseased mitral valve. Now, in June, I am going
to have another open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve. I was
trying to remember what my first operation was like, but of course, I
really couldn't, since I was so drugged up. Your book helped me
remember and reassure me."
-- Patient, Judith Carr, West Hartford, Connecticut

"What an incredible story! I think every patient and caregiver
facing valve surgery should read The Patient's Guide To
Heart Valve Surgery
. Thank you so much for taking the
time to put your entire journey into words.

-- Caregiver, Michelle Browning, San Francisco, California

"I received your book late this afternoon and 'devoured' it! 
Thank you so much for such an informative book."

-- Patient, Cheryl Boney, Sanger, California

"Adam, Thanks for your book. The information provided
took the anxiety and unknown factor out of the whole ordeal."

-- Patient, Mike Ryan, Oregon

"Adam: I congratulate you on your excellent and humane
work. I am convinced The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery will
help many patients and caregivers. Thank you very much."

-- Heart Surgeon, Dr. Benoit de Varennes MDCM, MSc, FRCS
Chairman, Division of Cardiac Surgery, McGill University

"I wanted to let you know that I received the book in
yesterday's mail. I already read it. I could not put in down.
This book is great, it has so much information that I was
not aware of. I showed it to my son (the patient) and
he is going to start reading it today."
-- Caregiver, Isabel Soto, Hollywood, Florida

"What really impressed me is the very clear and simple way you
describe your feelings (I already experienced fear and desperation)
together with the optimistic view on the reality. This is even more
important than all the very interesting technical information you give.
No one surgeon in the world can do the same! Thank you!

-- Patient, Adalberto Morgana, Ustaritz, France

"I thought the survey results of 78 former patients and caregivers in
The Patients Guide To Heart Valve Surgery were a great tool."

-- Patient, Alan Gormann, United Kingdom

Now that I've read The Patient's Guide To
Heart Valve Surgery
and educated myself, I'm thinking that
my "ignorance" may have indeed killed me.Thanks!"

-- Patient, Mitzi Boyd, Fort Worth, Texas

"Adam - The book is really quite remarkable. Great job."
-- Heart Surgeon, Dr. Kevin Accola, MD, Orlando, Florida

"This is a wonderful book! The integration of clinical information with the personal experience of the author provides the reader with a very helpful, supportive and realistic understanding of heart valve surgery."
-- Caregiver, Donna Pearson, California

"A patient’s understanding and realistic expectations of their
pending medical procedure enables them to obtain a sense of control
over their expectations which ultimately results in an efficient and healthy recovery. For that reason, The Patient’s Guide To Heart Valve Surgery is an effective resource for cardiac surgery patients."

-- Doctor, Dr. Robert T. Light, MD, Virginia

"Thank you for your candid thoughts and experiences. I require
an aortic valve replacement and your book has been a great source
of information. Thank you and stay healthy."

-- Patient, John Vardy, Al Khor, Qatar

"This book offers unique insight into heart valve surgery
from the patient's perspective.
There is much to gain from
Adam Pick's story. The author's personal experience, as a heart
valve surgery patient, provides a 'real-life' understanding that is
both accurate and positive."

-- Doctor, Dr. Marc Darrow, Santa Monica, California

"I read the eBook as soon as I got it. Then, I went to Kinkos
to bind it for my dad.
 I found it to be very informative and great
for someone who is faced with the same health problem."

-- Caregiver, Christina Canchola, Roselle, Illinois

"Great Job!!!"
-- Doctor, Constance Alfano-Weigand, MD,CCN,ND - Florida

"Very informative and insightful!!!"
-- Patient, Patsy Yarbrough - Roxbury, North Carolina

"I received the book quickly and was very impressed with it. It gave me
a good view of what to expect and to watch out for. I am sure it will
be a big benefit to my experience and recovery. Thanks for
sharing your experience and knowledge with others."

-- Patient, John Riordan, Centerport, New York

"Both Colleen (my wife) and I have read your book. Speaking
of the drug issue, I believe you make some good points in the book
about the necessity of dealing with pain management issues without
getting too dependent on pain killers."

-- Patient, Philip Bonds, Kremmling, Colorado

"Thank you VERY much for your thoughts!!! 
It does somehow help to know that we're not alone.
Your description of your experience after your surgery so
perfectly fits with our experience thus far."

-- Caregiver, Greg Bates, Atlanta, Georgia

"Adam, Thank You. Your book is great. My dad is 81 years old
and is going to go thru same thing you describe in The Patient's
Guide To Heart Valve Surgery

-- Caregiver, Wanda Howard, Mary Esther, Florida

"I read and enjoyed your book last month. Since then, I decided to have
a Medtronic stentless valve implanted on Feb 28th by
Dr. Edward Chen at Emory U hospital in Atl
-- Patient, Chuck Nolan, Alpharetta, Georgia

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"I was able to find all the technical information i needed on the internet but couldn't find any information on the hospital stay or recovery and for that your book is great."
-- Patient, Mary Finlay, Modbury, South Australia

"Really Excellent!"
-- Patient, Sue Monks, United Kingdom

"Thanks so much for writing the book.  I found it very helpful in
getting a grip on this impending surgery.

-- Caregiver, Janet Greenwood, Firth, Nebraska

"Your literature and website are very helpful. Thank you for your
I can't tell you how much it helps."
-- Caregiver, Ray White, Florissant, Colorado

"I am glad I read your book, it is so valuable to
hear a patient's perspective. My daught
er and husband
have also read it. Knowing what to expect is so important!

-- Patient, Susan Conway, Houston, Texas

"Just to let you know my dad had the operation yesterday and after 24 hours in
ICU is now in HDU and making really good progress - the surgeon is very happy.  
It is all how your book described so far which is great as I feel prepared for everything.  Thanks for writing the book - I think it will be a great help and
comfort to any other people who have to go through it in the future.
-- Caregiver, Emma Lodge, United Kingdom

"Thank you for responding so quickly. I'm very impressed that you took such
a tough situation and turned it into something so positive.
Your book has
helped us quite a bit. It has been especially helpful in narrowing
down the search for a good surgeon."

-- Caregiver, Gregory Rianhard, Mexico

"For me, your book gave me a better understanding of what
my girlfriend will be going through. I'm sure it will help and prepare
her for her surgery next year."

-- Caregiver, Darren Goldfinch, United Kingdom

"It is a great service to provide the kind of
information that The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve
Surgery contains - thank you for writing it."

-- Caregiver, John Livingston, Newport Beach, California

"Your book is the first thing I've seen my husband read in 12 years!!!
I can tell the The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery is really helping him."
-- Caregiver, Melanie Slivka, Venture, California

"The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery is a great book and I really
appreciate you putting it together.
 I am 33 and was recently diagnosed
with a defective aortic valve and an enlarged left ventricle."

-- Patient, Luis Ayala, Alhambra, California

"I have read your book. It's great!!!"
-- Patient, Lawrence Bentvena, Wellington, Florida

"Thanks a bunch Adam! My niece, Melissa, says The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery is very good. It's helping her understand her situation better! I am so glad you were able to make this happen. I also sincerely appreciate you taking the time to include a personal note to Melissa - that meant a lot to her."
-- Caregiver, Ted Eisenmann, Frisco, Texas

"I got your book on Thursday, one day sooner than I expected it to come.  I
could n
ot lay it down.  All my fears and questions were right in the book.  
And I felt like I wasn't alone.  Thank you so much for the information.  It has
helped me a great deal.  There's one
quote in your book, in the 'Best Piece Of
dvice From Former Patients' section that I read over and over again. Again,
hank you for the book.  I strongly suggest to anyone that is planing on
heart val
ve surgery, READ THIS BOOK!"
-- Patient, Monica Fletcher, Doyline, Louisiana

"I just want to thank you. My uncle received your book on Saturday and was very impressed. I only wish he had your book BEFORE his surgery. He really appreciated your patient perspective on heart valve surgery."
-- Caregiver, Diane Kendrick, Eugene, Oregon

"Your book helped me understand where to focus my energy.
Thank you for the help!"
-- Patient, Sharron Slatter, Hollister, California

"Easy read and good information! I must say that I shed a few (ok,
several) tears while reading The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery,
but it was good for me to hear your experiences and feelings on
the surgery (and events leading up to it)."

-- Patient, Brenda Anderson, Florida

"Thanks again for your words of encouragement from your book!!!"
-- Patient, Jean Knappick, Patient, Pennsylvania

"Adam... Thank you so much!!!"
-- Patient, Judy Hunt, Pennsylvania

"The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery is a very
informative and thorough treatment so a big 'Thank You' for
your efforts. My father was just admitted a few days ago with
a bad mitral valve so it's great to have a concise source
of information to refer to Adam. Thank you so much!!!"

-- Caregiver, Tracy Smiley, Canada

"Thanks for your book, it was a great help.  My 54 year old wife
had valve replacement in July.  She is doing great, was out
of the hospital in 6 days, is back at work and traveling.

-- Caregiver, Jim Bolin, Kansas City, Missouri

"I just purchased your book and am preparing for my 17 year old
daughter to have the Ross procedure done next summer. We have
known about her heart problem since she was only days old. So, it's no
surprise to us, but the reality is starting to sink in that she needs to
have this done soon. I browsed through your book and then my wife
got hold of it and read it cover to cover and now my daughter has it.
I guess I will just have to wait until she is done.
-- Caregiver, Jim Perrine, Ohio

"Thanks for all of your support through my surgery and recovery, Adam!"
-- Patient, Melissa Causey, Frisco, Texas

"I was looking for some information on the surgery when I found your book
and I just wanted to say thanks to you for writing it. I've read numerous articles
on this topic and it's great to be able to read first hand what to expect. The
book is definitely helping me to manage expectations and to know
what to watch out for. Hopefully, I will have the same positive
outcome you have had."
-- Patient, Bob Peterson, Atlanta, Georgia

"I just received your book. As a physician who underwent mitral
valve repair in 2000 after an episode of SBE, this book is invaluable!"
-- Patient & Doctor, Stuart Jacobson, Connecticut

"I finished reading The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery
a couple of weeks ago. Easy read and good information.
I must say that I shed a few (ok, several) tears, but good for me to
hear your experiences and feelings on the surgery
(and events leading up to it)."
-- Patient, Brenda Anderson, Florida

"Adam - I can't thank you enough for your book which was an
invaluable aid mentally for both of us so that we had an idea of what to
expect. God Bless and take care!"
-- Caregiver, Taylor Sharai, Covington, Louisiana

"I received the book and I couldn't put it down, you did a great job.
Yes the book is for me, I just found out Wednesday that I have to have heart
surgery, don't know yet if is a replacement or repair, all I know is that I'm dying
with fear, if the valve don't kill me, my fear will.
-- Patient, Luisa Rivera, Dover, Florida

"Many thanks for your help and advice!"
-- Patient, Stephen Woodhouse, United Kingdom

"I read The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery in one day! It was incredibly informative. I am a single Mom of an eleven year old boy. Your book
really put things into perspective for me. You're an inspiration!

-- Patient, Lisa Dean, Flowery Branch, Georgia

"Thanks for writing the book! I'm trying to be of the mindset that I GET to
have valve replacement, rather than I HAVE to have valve replacement. After
all ... not too long ago aortic valve stenosis had a prognosis which was
"get your things in order, you're going to die." I consider myself lucky."

-- Patient, Pamm Brookins, Hillard, Ohio

"Thanks for writing a book about heart valve replacement. It
really does help my fear of surgery. Thanks a million!"
-- Patient, Art Ajero, San Francisco, California

"I just wanted to thank you for writing your book.
I have found it very helpful."
-- Patient, Kerry Lebel, Gig Harbor, Washington

"Adam... Thanks for writing something like this."
-- Patient, Greg O'Rourke, Glenwood, Maryland

"Adam - Your book was very accurate and definitely a
big help in knowing what to expect.  As a CPA, I am used to
being in control and not being in control caused
major anxiety for me.
-- Patient, Jim Bonk, San Diego, California

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"Adam, I take my Glengarry cap off to you and your book. I have
just finished reading the book and I am sure my wife
will benefit from reading it as soon as she is able.
-- Caregiver, Ian Chalmers, United Kingdom

"I browsed through your book and found it very well written (easy to
understand), realistic and informative. I told my brother to print it for my
Dad to read tonight, at 93, needing an urgent valve replacement. Thank you!
-- Caregiver, Jocelyn Larue, Brazil

"Thank you for sharing your experience.....and for the
helpful things that you wrote. God Bless you.....I'm
glad we are alive......and It was nice "meeting" you!!!
-- Patient, Heather Dana Lazano, Alta Loma, California

"Adam - I'm so glad that someone wrote a book about their experiences,
my aunt... my best going to Newport Beach Jan. 3, 2008
to have the surgery done. Thank you for sharing your experience,
I beileve it will help her know what to expect and give her some peace.
-- Caregiver, Christina Piacenza, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I read The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and really
appreciated it. I
took it to Rochester, MN's Mayo Valve Clinic
and the doctors there were interested in it as well.

-- Patient, Debra Hannu, Duluth, Minnesota

"Thank you for sharing your experience and
doing the research about other patients.
-- Caregiver, Kathy Edmark, Lynnwood, Washington

"Hi Adam! Thanks for your book which
really impressed my father-in-law!
-- Caregiver, Jennifer Robinson, Australia

"Hello Adam, I have read your book, and thought it
very helpful. Thanks for sharing your very personal

experience with us heart patients!"
-- Patient, Kathy McCain, Houston, Texas

"I want to tell you what a wonderful job you did with this book.
There is no web site that can resemble it because you gave
it a very personal and emotional aproach. My husband Sergio
(54 years old) needs a mitral valve surgery by the end of the
month or beggining of February. He is very nervous and anxious
as you may know and that is when I decided to buy your book. I
bought it yesterday and since then we where reading it together
and what was my surpise that a few minutes ago when he arrived
home and told me: lets finish the book! Whenever you come to
Cancun please feel free to visit us we will be delighted to meet you."
-- Caregiver, Maribel Pazos, Cancun, Mexico

"Thank you for writing this piece and helping the rest of
us with the decisions we have to make.  I'm only 52, so
it's a biggie, as you know."
-- Patient, Lori Watsky, Austin, Texas

  "I really enjoyed your book. I am scheduled for the
Ross Procedure on February 27th in NYC with Dr Stelzer.
I am a bit anxious but look forward to feeling better."  
-- Patient, Elizabeth Devaney, West Caldwell, New Jersey

"Adam: Your book was very helpful in knowing what will
take place and what we will expect after surgery. Thank you."
-- Caregiver, Allison Lersch, Ft. Wayne, Indiana

"Thanks again for your interest and willingness to help. You're very kind
and are providing a caring benefit to all of us who need some reassurance."
-- Patient, Mel Schweitzer, New York, New York

"I am finding the book very interesting, and feel very good that I stumbled
across it purely by accident yesterday. Thank you again Google!
Thanks very much Adam!"
-- Patient, Jeff Ayres, South Weymouth, Massachusetts

"The book was helpful; it provided alot of
needed information. Thanks for sharing your experience."
-- Patient, Ken Thevenet, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"I am finding your book very helpful and informative
and I think it will help calm my Mom. She enjoys reading so
this will help her focus on details without freaking out with
thoughts of not having a clue. It will also help me in speaking to
my Dad prior to surgery.  Thanks for taking the time to journal
your surgery and write the book, I'm sure it is helping many people.
-- Caregiver, Grace Quinlan, Oak Lawn, Illinois

"Adam: Your book was very helpful. It gave me pertinent information and by helping me understand what to expect. I wasn't nearly as nervous just prior to surgery.  I had my Aortic valve replaced with a St. Jude mechanical valve and had my ascending Aorta repaired.  My surgery was almost 6 weeks ago and so far so good.  Your book and the website you provide were instrumental in helping me decide which type of valve to choose.  My surgery was done by Dr. Svensson at the Cleveland Clinic.  He came highly recommended, however he is a man of few words, lol.  Not unusual I guess surgeons are a rare bread.  Anyway thanks again for your help!"
-- Patient, Shawn O'Donnell, Brecksville, Ohio

"Thank you so much for your book, I can't wait to
see what it does for him and for me! You're a blessing."
-- Caregiver, Marissa Warms, Dallas, Texas

"I received the book and already read it! Awesome book
with good information. Many thanks for writing it. I am meeting
my surgeon in one week to finalize the details of my aortic valve
replacement. Your book is a great source of information and comfort!"
-- Patient, Bill McKinney, Decatur, Georgia

"Hi, Adam! Thanks so much for your book. I felt I was
pretty well educated on the subject, but your book filled
in some gaps. I was so anxious to learn more!"
-- Patient, Sean Ripperton, Greenboro, North Carolina

"Your book helped so much in preparing us for the
surgery and we have recommended it to our doctor and
others that will be having this procedure. Thank you again."
-- Caregiver, Emily Boyle, Sidbury, England

"Thanks for writing your book. I've read
it and feel considerably more reassured with regards
to aortic valve replacement surgery"

-- Patient, Terence Wood, United States

"Adam,  Your book was a tremendous relief recently during my father's (69 yrs) heart valve surgery.  I discussed your experiences with my father and mother before the surgery and when things occurred, I could remind them of your experiences to ease their nervousness.  Of course your book put me at ease also during the whole ordeal.  I am happy to say that my father is doing well and is on his 8th week of recovery.  His doctor chose a pig valve and said that the valve will last over 20 years. I would recommend your book for all family members. Thanks!" 
-- Caregiver, Mike Hebert, United States


"Jeff, my husband and patient, could not put down your heart valve book.
He is much more prepared now and had some questions answered that he never even thought of! Thanks so much for your help!"
-- Caregiver, Anne New, New Zealand


"Great, easy to read book. Am giving my copy to the
surgeon so he can recommend it to future patients."
-- Patient, Doris Hardy, Columbus, Mississippi


"Adam - Received your book this morning and have just finished
reading it. It is very, very helpful.  Thank you!" 

-- Caregiver, Mary Rose Conboy, New Jersey


"God bless you!  You are my “angel”.  Thanks for writing the book,
The Patient’s Guide to Heart Valve Surgery!  I’m scheduled for
surgery next Wednesday – like you, I have to be at St. Vincent’s
Heart Center of Indiana at 7AM.  I have a great surgeon,
Dr. Robert J. Robison, who will be performing the surgery

-- Patient, Vernon Young, Indiana


"Adam: Your book and website have been a great resourse
to help me prepare and now recover. I have my own home unit 
INR Ratio HemoaSense Monitor for testing which gives
my wife and I peace of mind when taking Coumadin. 
Keep up your good work!"
-- Patient, Charles Harrall, Nevada


"Just wanted to let you know that I finished your book
last night and I must say...Thank you again!  I folded
over so many pages of items I want to go back and refer to.
I plan to reread your book and make a list before my next appt with
the cardiologist.  Again, Thank you, thank you, and thank you."  
-- Patient, Sherri Hendry


"Great book Adam! Thank you for taking the time to share your story.
It has helped me a great deal as I try to cope with the idea of open heart surgery. Hope all is well. Thanks again. Take care."
-- Patient, Bill Hazard


"Hi Adam - My wife, who is a Registered Nurse, found your book
surfing the web. My brother John, a young man of 44 had surgery
10 days ago. It's great to know there is a resource out there such as
your book to help him and his family to become informed and
prepared for what lies ahead. Thanks for an informative and
optimistic book."
-- Caregiver, Scott Barr


"Dear Adam: I recently purchased your book and read it completely,
and I must admit, it made me feel much more comfortable
in knowing more about what I am in store for sometime in
the not-too-distant future and certainly before the end of the year.
-- Patient, Jim Kolius, Arizona


"Hi Adam - I ordered your book last week and should receive it
any day now. Even though we haven't read it in its entirety yet, I want to
thank you for your website. Our son's procedure will be at the Children's
Hospital in Denver, CO. We have the upmost confidence in our surgeons and
cardiologist but sometimes I don't think they realize just how SCARY this
is. Being able to read first hand experiences from actual patients is
priceless. Thank you so very much and we look forward to reading
your book! Please say an extra prayer for our us and our son Devon."
  -- Caregiver, Gina Bender, Colorado


"Adam - I'd like to begin by thanking you for your book
and blog. Even though I discovered both after my surgery
it's been extremely helpful.
  -- Patient, Linda G., New York


"Hi Adam, I'm now about 6 weeks out of surgery. I bought
your excellent book shortly after being released from the
hospital and I have to tell you that it has been a great friend to
me in my recovery."  

  -- Patient, Clive Zickel, New York


"Congratulations on your splendid book!"
  -- Patient, Jim Kelley


"I just finished reading your book and it has been very helpful.
I am 8 days away from surgery and even though I am
still very nervous, I feel as prepared as I think I can.
  -- Patient, Vicki Meyer, Texas


"Adam - Your book is very helpful!"
-- Patient, Debbie Ashbury, New Mexico


" Reading your book and reading about your family, I feel almost a
part of your family. Thanks for sharing your experiences in your book."  

-- Patient, Eva Hishmeh-Bishara, Los Angeles


"Adam, I purchased the book for my father who just had surgery.  At 79 he had a double bypass and valve repair.  He only had the book for about a week before surgery but I felt it helped and will continue to.  Thanks!"
-- Caregiver, Tammy Hulet


"Hi Adam, I'm emailing from Australia, I'm 34 and I had my open heart surgery 4 months ago. I too wanted to let you know how grateful I was/am for your website and thank you for my being able to get a true idea from the patient's perspective of what would be involved and what was likely to happen."
-- Patient, Melissa Johnston, Australia

"Hi Adam, I'm very thankful that you've created this book and that you are making yourself available as a resouce for support."
-- Patient, Theresa Metz, Pennsylvania

"Adam: You are filling a big, informational void in the medical world."
-- Patient, Bill S., Massachusetts

"I wanted to thank you for your book. The information in it helped prepare me
for aortic valve replacement surgery two weeks ago. And, your book and your
web site have helped answer questions during my recovery.
-- Patient, Sarah Hester, Plano, Texas

"Thank you Adam.  Now we will be able to catch what the surgery
my husband is going to have later this month.  Before seeing your site
I was going to go into it blind.  This makes more sense.  Thank you."
  -- Caregiver, Brenda Hezard

"I read your book and you did a great job. I use to be on the board of the
Arizona Children's Heart Foundation and have seen some real tragic tales in
the past 19 years since Michael (my son) was diagnosed with a congenital
heart defect. I am so appreciative that you took your time and published
such a wonderful reference source.
  -- Caregiver, Gwendolyn Schran, Arizona

"Adam - I sat down and read your book straight away. I thoroughly
enjoyed it and found it fascinating from a patients point of view."

  -- Patient, Lisa Guy, Melbourne, Australia

"Thanks for your book and interest."
  -- Patient, Michael Berns, Bonsall, California

"Dear Adam - Your book helps tremendously.  It's like having a friend
by your side at a difficult time in your life and helps you make a
major decision about your health.
  -- Patient,
Laura Lee, Oregon

"Hi Adam, thanks for writing your book. I was hesitant at first to buy
the book but it was worth the purchase. I am now 4 months
post-op and it helped me tremondously to have read someone who
was more or less my same age going through it."
  -- Patient,
Sean Lissarrague, Phoenix, Arizona

"Adam - Thanks for your book and your blog.
I'm having mitral valve repair surgery with Dr. Craig
Miller at Stanford hospital on September 26, 2008."
Patient, Vic Mitnick, San Carlos, California

"Adam - Great job!"
Patient, David Rivel

"Your book was the most helpful documentation of
all my research. Thanks so much Adam!"
Patient, Charles Harrall, Carson City, Nevada


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"I have just read your book and will shortly be reviewing it for GUCH.
I was very impressed!"
Caregiver, Felicity Greenwood, United Kingdom

"Adam: I wanted to thank you for all the time and energy
you put into your book and website - it is my way of staying current with
everything related to aortic stenosis and regurgitaton.
Caregiver, Laruen Dem, Germany

"Dear Adam - Thank you so much....We are trying to get our
arms wrapped around this and I was a bit off when downloading

your book....God bless you and all you have obviously done for
many who are facing this need for corrective surgery.
Caregiver, Diane Gibson, New Hampshire

"Adam, Thank you for your time and all that you do.
You are a great comfort to many more than you realize. You are
an inspiration and may God Bless you and your family."
Patient, Randi Fabian

"Hi Adam - You were a great help to me in the scary days following
my surgery back in May. I will always be grateful for your personal
response when I was having irregular heartbeats. I'm just writing today
because I too had goosebumps last night and its good to hear
someone else say that. I'm 57 and i was a kid in the 60s when I never
would have believed this was possible.
Keep up the good work."
Patient, John Bigler

"Your book was helpful in preparing me for the heart surgery,
so much so that when I went into hospital I was very calm
and had no apprehensions."
Patient, Barry Dunn, Sydney, Australia

"What a GREAT resource. Thank you!"
Patient, Dana Catarius, Boston, Massachusetts

"Hi Adam! I have your book and it is a world of knowledge
for me. Thanks for shooting straight in your book!"
Patient, Vickie Pinney, Austin,Texas

"Adam: I am a heart valve replacement patient
and I had the procedure (arotic value replacement) done
2 weeks ago.  Thank you for writing
your book."
Patient, Kevin Hains, Mattawan, Michigan

"Thank you for the words of support and encouragement
that I received from you and many of the visitors to your web site."     

Patient, Robin Harding, Manchester, New Hampshire

"Gratefull thanks for renewing my faith in human nature... Thank you again."     
Patient, Gillian, United Kingdom

"Adam - I would like to thank you so much for writing the book. It was only last
Wednesday that I got my diagnosis and was told I needed to have a valve
replacement as soon as possible - likely early January. I am sure you
remember the feeling....after the words "open heart surgery" you don't
really remember any thing else!
Patient, Mavis McClintock, Duncan, BC, Canada

"Hi Adam, My brother just had heart valve surgery and triple
bypass surgery on Monday and I saw your book online
after an internet search. I think your book will be helpful to us
getting through his surgery and recovery. Thank you for
providing this information."     
Caregiver, Wesley Jacobs

"Your words were very helpful."     
Caregiver, Marie Bayville

"Hello Adam, Just wanted to let you know I came home on
Monday 12-01-08.  Your book and the information that Dr. Reitz's
Stanford surgical team's lead nurse provided on the operation, really
set my mind at ease for my surgery. My attitude going in was totally
positive and without the fear that anything could possibly go wrong. Your
book helped me prepare a plan of action for what to expect before surgery
and for my recovery period.  My target to get back to work is April 2009.
Thanks for your help Adam!"
Patient, Don Gatz, California

"The book is great! God bless you!"
Patient, Bob Johnson

"Thank you for writing your book. It's given me information that I wouldn't
have thought of otherwise. I don't have a surgery date yet, but it should be
sometime in January 2009. I have congenital VSD (I'm now 44 yrs young) and
aortic regurgitation. Apparently one of the leaflets is being pulled through
the hole. I don't know yet if my valve needs to be repaired or replaced.
Patient, Vicki Natividad

"Hi Adam - Thank you for writing the book. As soon as I knew
I would need surgery, I ordered your book. It definitely helped answer many questions and alleviated some of my anxiety."
Patient, Karen Dove-Essenmacher, Virginia

"Dear Adam, I am very grateful that you took the time to write the book and do the
research. I was just beginning the research to answer my questions when I
stumbled onto your book. "
Patient, Patrick Lennon, Lethbridge

"Thanks for your help!"
    -- Patient, Becky

"As you have heard many times before (and you will hopefully hear many times again) your book made the whole pre- and post surgery experience sooooo very much easier for me and my family/ friends and I can't thank you enough. This book should be manditory readying for all patients and loved ones as its really shocking how ill prepared most of my 'hosptial ward colleagues' were both before and after their opearations."
    -- Patient, JB, Canada

"Thank you for all the helpful reading you gave me that hope and faith
and I believed my mother is 76 years old and I love her dearly there
isn't anything I wouldn't do for her. Thank you so much for caring for people and giving of your time that is very rare now of days. Thanks with all my heart."
    -- Caregiver, Angeline

"It’s nice to see a fellow survivor of a challenging medical odyssey!"
    -- Caregiver, Diane Engelman

"Thanks for you work, book and blog ---and more I'm sure I'm unaware of."
    -- Patient, Candace Ingram, Michigan

"Adam - I want to thank you for your book. I purchased it a
couple weeks before surgery.
    -- Patient, Charles Boisvert, Florida

"Thanks for all your suggestions and help. The book was God sent. "
    -- Patient, Mary Campbell, Arizona

"My husband purchased your book and it has been SO helpful!"
    -- Patient, Amy Allen

"My husband's heart valve repair aniversary is nineteen days  today !   His surgery was at Baylor Heart Hospital Plano Texas. The surgeon Dr. William Ryan. Both amazing! Your book was very helpful and we're happy for your recovery."
    -- Patient, Ann & John O'neil, Texas

"Very informative... Thank you Adam!"
    -- Patient, Tom Cooper

"Your advice and experience are invaluable to many and deeply appreciated!"
    -- Patient, Kent Dorwin, California

"AWESOME book!"
    -- Patient, Jean Miner, Rochester, Minnesota

"Reading your book has helped us all to keep a good sense of humor
and to remain optimistic about this whole event."
    -- Caregiver, Mary Ann

"Hi Adam - I wanted to first thank you for the book - which I read this summer and then read again last week.  Your blogs have been a godsend as well."
    -- Patient, Sherry H.

"Thank you for your book and website. I think you have seen the missing point very well about the heart surgeries. The best opininon can be get from the one who experienced it, well done! "
    -- Patient, Kerim Eren, Istanbul, Turkey

"Adam - Thank you for sharing your story of valve surgery."
    -- Caregiver, Angela Philips, Colorado

"Just received your book and it is great."
    -- Patient, Midge Wright

"Thank you for writing the book."
    -- Patient, Jim Engelmann, Florida

"I am SO thankful for Adam's book, and the information
that would be very hard to find otherwise"
    -- Patient, Peter C., California

"I would not for one minute infer that the procedure was pleasant but, through the information in your book, I knew exactly what to expect and more importantly "when" to expect it. Hence, my biggest thanks goes to you."
    -- Patient, Roy Donaldson, Glasgow, Scotland

"I want to thank you for your book.  I read it via down load of the web site and let my mom read parts of it as well.  I know it prepared me for what she was going to have and the tubes afterward.  It didn't seem as scary knowing what to expect ......for me anyway, I wasn't the one going into the surgery! "
    -- Caregiver, Donna I., Minnesota

"Thanks for the continuing support and encouragement from your blogs, book and coordinated distribution of positive stories. "
    -- Patient, Ross Parrott, Australia

"Adam - Thank you in advance for writing such a book.  So much of what I read on other sites and forums has been negative and very scary.  If fact I told my wife, I'm not afraid of dying as much as I am having a bad recovery. "
    -- Patient, Steve V.

"Thank you for your support. I am back at work after mitral valve surgery."
    -- Patient, Debbi B, Chicago, Illinois

"Adam - I owe you a great deal of gratitude, as it was your book that led me to
the Ross Procedure, and emails from you recommending Dr. Oswalt."
    -- Patient, Bruce H., Austin, Texas

"Hello Adam, I purchased your book and really appreciate all the new information that I learned from it. I have severe Aortic Stenosis "
    -- Patient, Janie N., Idaho

"Hi Adam, I wanted to thank you for your book. It certainly helped me to understand what was going to happen to me and what to expect. "
    -- Patient, Mike Ryan, Bend, Oregon

"Adam - I'm 24 hours away from a valve replacement and a bi-pass that was discovered during my pre/op angiogram. I want to thank you for your book. It has answers manyof my questions and has helped my family understand what
I am about to go through.
    -- Patient, D. Schlictin

"I am going to visit with my hear surgeon next Tuesday and have been diagnosed with stenosis is of the aortic valve. I have had all the emotions you have explained in your book and I have only read the first 4 chapters. I will read the entire book before Tuesday and will be much more informed before I talk with my surgeon."
&nnbsp;   -- Patient, Roger S., Texas

"Adam - I have your book beside my chair and read daily just to let me know there is a light at then end of all this.  I remind myself I am not alone in this and that is probably about the most important message in your book. Thank you for writing this book because it still gives me great comfort from reading it even after surgery.  You have helped me so much and I know that it is an upward battle from here and that I am not alone. "
    -- Patient, Yvonne Hollingsworth

"Hi Adam. Thank you for the great book that provided me much
comfort and gave me knowledge about this desease.
    -- Patient, Mohammed, Maldives

"I have read your book, which I found very inspirational,  
and have been reading your Valve Surgery Blog for the past few months.
    -- Patient and Doctor, Leo Hernandez, California

"My Mom gave me your book to read a week before my 4 year old had the
Ross Procedure. It halped me understand things!! Thanks!"
    -- Caregiver, Vanessa G.

"I downloaded your book earlier today and read it from cover to cover.
I am going through the process of getting ready for surgery and you have
been a great help and inspiration already."
    -- Patient, Matt Monroe, North Carolina

"Very happy with your book!"
    -- Patient, Emmanuel Ibanez, United Arab Emirates

"Thanks for all the help and the great book!"
    -- Patient, Bob Johnson

"Adam - Thanks again for "The Book" as my wife calls it. And the other support from
your Blogs. I will be glad to keep you informed of progress."
    -- Caregiver, Herb Welch

"I bought your book about 8 months ago, and it was a great help to Me and worked as the wake-up call I need to my husband who has aortic stenosis. ."
    -- Caregiver, Megan L. California

"Thank you for writing the The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery."
    -- Patient, Mike Monte

"Adam, Thanks for writing the book. I will say it has been a real help."
    -- Patient, Jerome H., Kentucky

"Adam, Thanks for you blog(s) and your book. I read everything that comes
my way that you send! I am an aortic value replacement patient (I
had a bicuspid value) and just reached my 3 month mark since surgery."
    -- Patient, Kevin Haines, Michigan

"Hi Adam, Your book and blog have been a blessing to me .Thank you for responding to my e-mail. I' m going to Denver to see another Doc, a surgeon  and will touch base when I get back. I liked the picture's of you and your wife, congratulations to the new member of your family. "
    -- Patient, Lou Ann, Denver, Colorado

"I purchased your book, downloaded it, and read it in one sitting.  It made me feel like I was in good company!  My surgeon has recommended aortic valve, aortic root, and ascending aortic replacement. Thanks Adam!"
    -- Patient, David Ball, California

"Thanks for mentally prepping me before, during and after surgery."
    -- Patient, Stan Weinroth, Florida

"We really appreciate the book!"
    -- Patient, Andrea F., California

"Adam, Thanks for writing the book. I will say it has been a real help."
    -- Patient, Jerome H., Kentucky

"I was recently diagnosed with moderate-severe mitral valve regurgitation.  I appreciate all of the insight you pulled together in this book.  
It has helped set my expectations as to what I am in for."
    -- Patient, Darrin N., New York

"Hi Adam, I am 43 and will have the Ross Procedure in 13 days on Feb 27 by Dr Raney and his team at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. My sister bought me your book after I tearfully broke the news to my family the day after Xmas. My emotions are all over the place:  Happy, Sad, Scared, Excited, Depressed, Why Me? Lucky Me!  Your book has been my bible for the last 7 weeks. I has really saved my sanity.  Besides thanking you for writing it. THANK YOU!"
    -- Patient, Jeffrey W., Costa Mesa, California

"Good morning Adam. I am going into surgery at 11am. I want you to know that your book has provided me comfort and peace in preparing for this day."
    -- Patient, Daryll J., Maine

"My goodness Adam... Thank you so much! What a blessing you are!"
    -- Patient, Ray W.

"I ordered your book the day I found out I needed surgery. I have
read it cover-to-cover. I love it. Thanks you so much."
    -- Patient, Angela V., New York

"I found your book very helpful!"
    -- Patient, Frank S., Texas

"Your book was a tremendous comfort to me prior to
my mitral valve repair. Thank you.
    -- Patient, Gayle R., New York

"My brother and I loved your book. Thanks Adam."
    -- Patient, Zita B.  

"I am so glad I read The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery."
    -- Patient, Rose K.

"Adam, Your book is excellent, thank you."
    -- Patient, Andrea K.,

"Hi Adam - It's been one year since my aortic valve replacement surgery.
Your book helped me before and after surgery. Keep up the good work!"
    -- Patient, Vincent R.

"Thank you for your book. It helped A LOT."
    -- Patient, Louis M., California

"This book is excellent."
    -- Patient, Linda F., Virginia

"Have enjoyed The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery... Very Helpful."
    -- Patient, Michelle

"Thank you for telling your heart valve story. Your book helped me a lot."
    -- Patient, Larry Z.

"I just got done reading your book. Thank you so much for writing it.
I was just diagnosed with aortic stenosis."
    -- Patient, Beth F., California

"Hi Adam - I want to let you know how thankful I am for you and your book!"
    -- Patient, Trevor N.

"Adam - You are to be commended for your book. What a tremendous
source of information. Very honest and full of useful information."
    -- Patient, John L.

"I finished reading The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery the day it arrived.
Thank you for blessing me with the wisom from your personal experience."
    -- Patient, Polene L.

"Adam - I read your book yesterday and it was very
helpful for me and my husband."
    -- Patient, Peggy F., Texas

"Hi Adam, In spite of my anxiety, I really enjoyed reading your book."
    -- Patient, Cecil B.

"Dear Adam - I will have my aortic valve replaced with a tissue valve. I
have read your book several times so I feel well-prepared for what lies ahead."
    -- Patient, Mary P.

"Adam: I want to thank you for your book. I went in
fully loaded, prepared to handle whatever took place."
    -- Patient, Leo N.

"Hi Adam - Read your book. It was awesome!"
    -- Patient, Jacki M.

"Thank you for writing The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery.
I could not put it down. The book was well written and addressed many
of my concenrs. I am less anxious now."
    -- Patient, Maria W.

"Thank you again from my healing heart!"
    -- Patient, Fran Z., Florida

"This book gave me encouragement, helped me make decisions and
prepared me for my recovery. Many thanks!"
    -- Patient, William J., California

"Adam - Thank you for the book, everything in it is written for us
patients to easily understand. I am enjoying it very much."
    -- Patient, Yvonne

"This book is very helpful. I am going next Monday for further testing. I now
am encouraged to believe everything will be alright. Thanks."
    -- Patient, Gary W.

"I wish I had this book 10 years ago when my mother had a mechanical
mitral valve surgery in Houston. Thanks so much!"
    -- Patient, Eliz

"Hi Adam - I am reading your book and finding it very helpful!I have a
mitral valve with severe regurgitation."
    -- Patient, Shelly E.

"Adam - I recently purchased your book and want to tell
you how it has helped me mentally for what lies ahead. I have
been diagnosed with a leaking bicuspid aortic valve."
    -- Patient, John D.

"I read The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery in just
a few hours and found it very helpful."
    -- Patient, Diana G.

"I applaud you for writing The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery.
I feel much more knowledgable now that I have read this book."
    -- Patient, Jan P.

"Surgery was a success! My family wants to thank you so much for the
information you have taken the time to publish! It is very comforting."
    -- Patient, Mal S.

"Adam - Your book has been very helpful and an
easy read. Many thanks!"
    -- Patient, Florence J.

"Thank you for the resources and great information you provide in
your book and website."
    -- Patient, Leslie B., California

"The updated version of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery
was much more helpful. My mom just had surgery last week. Thanks!"
    -- Patient, Debbie M.

"Adam - Thanks for both the book and the Heart Valve Surgeon Database.
I appreciate your hard work."
    -- Patient, Louise W.

"Hi Adam, Thank you for your book which I read in one sitting. Your
continued support and interest, and all the work you've done to
create an outlet and forum for people such as myself to gain
information and understanding is to be commended."
    -- Patient, Ron F.

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