Dr. Valentino Bianco

Dr. Valentino Bianco
Heart Surgeon

Phoenix, AZ
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (2)

"I don’t know if a few sentences can truly convey the depth of my appreciation for Dr. Bianco’s calm, cool and confident demeanor at a time when faced my own mortality. Dr. Bianco’s unwavering confidence and passion to deliver the best possible long-term outcome for his patient (in this case myself) can not be emphasized enough.

In my own case, where others may have taken an easier route when faced with the unexpected, there is not a doubt in my mind that Dr. Bianco prioritized his patient’s (my) greatest desire and through his skill and experience brought my procedure to its successful conclusion.

Post Operatively, Dr. Bianco’s insightful support and a bit of humor went a long way as my healing quickly progressed and I felt the overwhelming emotion and appreciation for the life I continue to live with my family and the simple pleasures of everyday frustrations returning me to normal."

Posted by Jason Gold, Mitral Valve, Valve Repair, 11/21/2022

"While I hope to never have open heart surgery again :) I can not imagine a better experience than what I had at the Mayo Clinic! I had my first consultation with a well-known surgeon from another hospital network (I worked for that hospital network for over four years actually), but did not feel 100% comfortable, so I sought out a second opinion. Fortunately for me, it was with Dr. Bianco. Upon first meeting Dr. Bianco, he was very personable and spent all the time I needed discussing my condition and the surgical options. As soon as he left the room, I told my husband, "this is my surgeon!"

Dr. Bianco did not turn my care over to other doctors after the surgery either; he was present every day that I was in the hospital. In fact, he visited me at least twice daily! I was in the hospital for one week, and even on the weekends, Dr. Bianco was there to check on me. He even timed his visits around his other obligations for when my husband would be there, or if he missed him, he stopped back again just to say hello!

As far as medical decision making, Dr. Bianco valued my input and included me in the decision-making process, which I appreciated very much.

Overall, I can not think of any areas of improvement for Dr. Bianco. I would ask that you encourage him to continue his patient-centered approach, his wonderful bedside manner, and as he becomes more widely known at Mayo, and I'm sure busier, to make sure he takes time for himself also (away from the hospital). Tell him to go "take a hike!" (literally - that's something he enjoys!). "

Posted by Clinton Rogers, Aortic Valve, Root Replacement, 01/05/2023