Dr. Steven Livesey

Dr. Steven Livesey
Heart Surgeon

Southampton, United Kingdom
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (1)

"After much research i personally chose the Surgeon for my operation as he is a High Volume Mitral Valve Repair Surgeon. Mr Livesey and his team explained my procedure of the Mitral Valve Repair he has always answered all my questions, even Post-Op, and personally in writing which puts you at ease he is a very experienced Surgeon and the following information below i have taken from his Professional Profile for others to see. Mr.Livesey has been a Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at the University Hospital Southampton since 1990. He has performed over 7500 cardiac operations in Southampton during this time. His surgical experience encompasses all aspects of adult cardiac surgery. This includes both first time and redo coronary artery bypass grafting and valve procedures as well as thoracic aortic surgery. Mr Livesey has a special interest and expertise in mitral valve surgery. He is acknowledged as a British and International expert on repair of the mitral valve, having performed over 1000 of these procedures, including his own now recognised modifications of mitral valve repair technique. http://scts.org/modules/surgeons/surgeon.aspx?id=585&name=livesey Mr. S. M Mitral Valve Repair 19/07/2013"

Posted by S M, Mitral Valve, Valve Repair, 07/19/2013