Dr. Steven Cummings

Dr. Steven Cummings
Heart Surgeon

Fresno, CA
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (1)

"Pre-surgery, Dr. Cummings seemed to be all about business. His bedside manner turned out to be one of compassion. Though I took my pain pills on schedule for the 2-1/2 days post op and then 5 to 8 hours after that, my surgery was basically pain free and only experienced discomfort when getting in & out of bed. I had fibrillation 5 days post-op (25% experience it 1-2 days post op) and was back in the hospital. Dr Cummings visited at least twice daily and his PA at least once daily. A friend who had the aortic valve replaced and one by-pass two weeks later shared a similar experience."

Posted by Robert Kinsey, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, Median Sternotomy, 04/07/2010