Dr. Reed Quinn

Dr. Reed Quinn
Heart Surgeon

Portland, ME
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (4)

"My cardiology team felt that Dr Quinn was the only surgeon in Maine who would be able to repair my badly damaged mitral valve. I had some additional concern because I had received radiation to my left chest 7 years earlier. Dr Quinn was able to do a repair. He's very competent & reassuring with a kindly bedside manner...I highly recommend!"

Posted by Barbara Wood, Mitral Valve, Valve Repair, Maze Procedure, 05/22/2017

"Ross Procedure in 3/98 and aortic valve replacement and aortic root replacement in 2011. Dr. Quinn performed both surgeries, and for the second one, I hired a concierge Dr. in the Boston area to check out and recommend sugeons at hospitals like Mass General and Brigham & Womens. The feedback I got was that Dr. Quinn in Maine was as good or better than most in the Boston area, so I stayed in state. Good bedside manner and ability to explain information to the patient."

Posted by Lee Schultheis, Aortic Valve, Pulmonary Valve, Valve Replacement, Root Replacement, Ross Procedure, 11/25/2011

"Dr. Quinn was fantastic!!"

Posted by Scott Stebbins, Tricuspid Valve, Valve Replacement, 02/11/2011

"Dr. Quinn is a compassionate and extremely gifted cardiovascular surgeon. I would recommend him most highly!! Funny thing is he is primarily a children's heart surgeon who will always make time to fit in adults, thank GOD! He is a gift!!"

Posted by MICHAEL MORIN, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, Median Sternotomy, 07/13/2009