Dr. Otto Thaning

Dr. Otto Thaning
Heart Surgeon

Cape Town, South Africa
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (2)

"I was a 58 year old male paraplegic when I required urgent valve replacement. One of the best surgeons in South Africa agreed to help me. I had no medical aid at the time and this surgeon charged me the absolute minimum rate. He even arranged that the rest of his team also charge me a reduced rate. It is now going for 6 years that he and his team repaired my heart. I will always be grateful, not only for what he did, but the way he treated me."

Posted by Stephen de Lange, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, 05/04/2008

"Otto was absolutely amazing. Just as a matter of interest, Otto trained under Christiaan Barnard at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town. Otto was fantastic in terms of support and how he handled all that he did for me for and during my OHS. 13 weeks after surgery I feel 100% and would not even have known that I was on the OHS table at any stage if it was not for the fact that I have a scar to show for what happened to me. Most improtant is that the total operation cost was about $50000. In my case this was fully covered by medical insurance however relative to costs in USA this is an excellent price considering who my surgeon was and where the operation was performed. May I remind all that Cape Town is the city where the first heart transplant and many other heart firsts have been performed. The Christiaan Barnard Hospital is wonderfully equipped to handle all forms of heart surgery. I regard myself blessed to have had Otto as my surgeon in such an excellent place for heart surgery."

Posted by Selwyn Davidowitz, Aortic Valve, Mitral Valve, Valve Repair, Valve Replacement, 10/17/2012