Dr. Lindsey Prescher

Dr. Lindsey Prescher
Heart Surgeon

Silver Spring, MD
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (1)

"In August 2019 during my routine echo cardiogram to assess an aortic aneurysm that had been diagnosed in 2016, the test showed that the aortic root had continued to dilate to the point where surgery was necessary to correct the condition.

In my 64 years, the only surgical procedure I had was a tonsillectomy when I was six. The thought of having major thoracic surgery, having my chest opened, was frightening to say the least. I was reluctant, and extremely anxious.

Dr. Lindsey Prescher, Lieutenant Commander, Naval Medical Corps, a professional, and extremely compassionate thoracic was assigned my case. She was a god send. Her professional approach to the doctor – patient care team are her mantra. When we first met at the surgical consultation she explained the procedure, using her Dr. “P” diagram. She made sure that I fully understood the procedure, but also realizing how anxious I was, reassured me, calming my worried anticipation. Dr. “P’s” caring goes well beyond her surgical responsibilities, you become an “adopts” member of her surgical family.

However, when it came time to set the surgical date, there was no debate. I asked to postpone the surgery for several months, but the Dr. knew best. Dr. P already had mapped the timelines of the surgery, and there was going to be no argument or debate. Calmly and without alarming me she explained that it would be beneficial to have the surgery performed prior to the end of the year. “We” decided that the surgery would be on November 19, 2021. She’s knew without alarming me, that my condition was serious and needed immediate attention.

She is a no nonsense strategic clinician. From the onset, Dr. “P” had strategically mapped the surgery. The procedure was to graft and repair the aorta. Dr. Presher evaluated the aortic condition from a systems approach. She assessed the possibility that the aortic valve may also be damaged. Discussing this as possible course of action, she was spot on. In fact during surgery she discovered that my aortic valve leafs were calcified requiring a valve replacement. Dr. “P’s” surgical vision allowed for the repair of the total aortic system.

The process didn’t stop there, it continued post-surgery, throughout my in hospital recovery. Dr. P kept vigil, during my in-hospital recovery. Her daily visits, monitoring my condition and test results, were met to her professional satisfaction and only when she gave her blessing that I was medically fit was I allowed to be released. But the story of my relationship with Dr. “P” and her “adopted” band of surgical patients extends demonstrating her concern and compassion. Dr. “P” contacted me several months after surgery and presented a wonderful idea. A patient to patient outreach. She realized that the anxiety I had experienced, she was seeing in other patients pending aortic surgery. Dr. P, contacted me inquiring if I would be willing to “join” her team, willing to speak to patients pending similar aortic surgeries. Helping other patients was an honor and pleasure.

Dr. P is my “Wonder Woman”. She is an outstanding surgeon, meticulous, strategic, dedicated and devoted to every patient under her care. I would recommend Dr. “P” to anyone needing thoracic surgery. In retrospect I can honestly say she saved my life."

Posted by Richard Vargas, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, Root Replacement, 11/03/2021