Dr. Harold Burkhart

Dr. Harold Burkhart
Heart Surgeon

Oklahoma City, OK
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (4)

"Amazing! Previously Dr. Burkhart taught at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He is now here in Oklahoma City at the University of Oklahoma (OU Medical) Hospital & Children's Hospital. He is on the cutting edge of everything heart! He has great bedside manner, his colleague Dr. Jess Thompson assisted with my surgery. Dr. Thompson, went above and beyond any expectations I had. He would email and call me regularly after I was discharged. "

Posted by Jennifer West, Pulmonary Valve, Tricuspid Valve, Valve Repair, Valve Replacement, 01/20/2016

"I recommend Dr Burkhart very highly. He is at the top of his game, doing constant research and publishing results as to which procedures and methods bring the best results. He does a lot of different heart surgeries, and has special interest in several specialties. I was impressed with his bedside manner, always open to my questions and concerns. Very courteous. He even sent a personal reply to a communication I sent him later. My surgery , which included repair of my ascending aortic aneurysm, went very well with little discomfort and good outcome."

Posted by Ellen Klompien, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, Median Sternotomy, Bloodless Surgery, 03/15/2013

"Dr. Harold Burkhart is a very professional and precise surgeon. My experience with him was outstanding. He is easy to talk to and very patient with answering all my questions and calming my fears. Dr. Burkhart also helped me with a problem I was having with the insurance company after the procedure, writing a letter for me, and then helping to get a charge removed from my bill when the insurance company wouldn't pay it. I highly recommend him."

Posted by Holly Pomeroy, Mitral Valve, Valve Repair, Robotic Surgery, 04/25/2012

"Remarkable procedure with fantastic results. Dr. Burkhart is highly skilled and has great passion for what he does."

Posted by Randy Krueger, Mitral Valve, Valve Repair, Robotic Surgery, 03/28/2011