Dr. Hans-Joachim Schafers

Dr. Hans-Joachim Schafers
Heart Surgeon

Homburg, Germany
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (1)

"Dr. Schäfers is a gift of God who is working hard in the University Hospital of Saarland - Germany . He gave me the best result I may seek in this universe. He is a leading pioneer who is exceptionally skilled in his field. He proved to be precise, polite, cooperative plus delivered more than what I expected from him. I’m now in my fifth year after my “complicated” surgery living a normal life without any problems. I strongly recommend him for patients who seek excellence and perfection! 👍👏👍👏❤️ "

Posted by Nabil ALQasim, Aortic Valve, Mitral Valve, Tricuspid Valve, Valve Repair, Median Sternotomy, Root Replacement, 08/01/2018