Dr. Ammar Bafi

Dr. Ammar Bafi
Heart Surgeon

Washington, DC
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (7)

"Dr. Bafi was a fantastic surgeon. He was clear and direct about the surgery, answering all of my questions without hesitation. The surgery went great and he kept my family informed throughout the procedure."

Posted by Alan Jamieson, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, 05/01/2019

"Wonderful surgeon!"

Posted by Mary Anne Lawson, Aortic Valve, Tricuspid Valve, Valve Replacement, Median Sternotomy, 05/09/2017

"I went in for a simple aortic valve replacement. I had to return to surgery for a CABG, then again for a LVAD and temporary pacemaker. All the time Dr. Bafi was right by my side and kept my family informed of what was happening. I am one year out and feeling ok. "

Posted by Patricia Russo, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, Median Sternotomy, 06/10/2010

"Dr. Bafi was great. He appeared confident from the time I met him. He did a great job. His bedside manner was very good."

Posted by Krikor Tahmazian, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, 05/24/2011

"Dr. Bafi was extremely confident and he inspired confidence. Cardiac care staff at the Washington Hospital Center were knowledgeable and caring. I came out of surgery on Thursday afternoon and was home Sunday morning and back to work two weeks later."

Posted by George Keys, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, 04/08/2010

"Dr. Bafi was my choice. Although I was threatened by risks that were beyond anyone's control, I had confidence in him. Dr. Bafi did not let me down as he met all of my expectations. "

Posted by Kebede y., Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, 11/11/2009

"Excellent surgery and great follow up. Extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Bafi was top-notch in regards all aspects of pre-op, the surgery, and post-op. Dr. Bafi and Washington Hospital Center really knows their stuff when it comes to heart surgery."

Posted by Daniel Treadwell, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, 06/05/2007