Leading Heart Valve Manufacturer, Edwards Lifesciences, Reaches 52-Week High

When it comes to making investments, I’m no Warren Buffet.

However, every once in-a-while, I come across a company that is uniquely positioned within a growing industry. Such is the case of… Edwards Lifesciences (NYSE: EW). As you may know, Edwards Lifesciences, founded in 1958, is the leading heart valve replacement manufacturer on the planet.

Edwards Valve Replacements

I originally became familiar with Edwards Lifesciences as I prepared for my own heart valve replacement surgery. However, I really became interested in Edwards’ product and financial strengths during the research for my book.

In 2007, I was lucky to tour Edwards headquarters, to walk through its heart valve museum and to visit its manufacturing center in Irvine, California. During that visit, I learned more about the history of the company, its unique product portfolio and its ongoing dedication to patients requiring heart valve surgery.

Edwards Lifesciences Heart Valve Museum
The Heart Valve Museum At Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards commitment to the heart valve market is proving valuable to its shareholders. I just learned that the company’s shares touched $68.23 last week. That is a 52-week high for the Edwards. (You might recall that I have highlighted the company’s financial performance on a few occasions. Since my first blog, the stock has increased $14 per share, a 26% increase.)

Again, I’m no Warren Buffet… This is simply a very good company that is making a difference in the lives of people with heart valve disease.

Keep on tickin!

Adam Pick
Written by Adam Pick

Adam Pick is a patient, author of The Patient's Guide To Heart Valve Surgery and the founder of HeartValveSurgery.com.

To learn how Adam has helped millions of people with heart valve disease, watch Adam's video, subscribe to his free newsletter, or visit his Facebook, or Twitter pages.

  • John Cullen

    Hello Adam. Are you familiar with the On-X valve made by Medical Carbon Research Group in Austin TX? It looks to me like it may require less anti-coagulation because of it’s patented silicone-free pyrolytic carbon surface, lower pressure gradients, and improved pivot washing. I am new to this game since I just found out a few weeks ago that I will require double-valve surgery. But after reading about this valve I am leaning towards it, Unless I hear something bad about it. I am 68 yr old and the thought of maintaining a high INR number in my old age worries me a lot.

    They have implanted a lot of these valves in South Africa where they have a large number of patients who don’t take their Coumadin, and the incidence of thrombosis is as low with these people as would be expected with St. Jude valves with patients who properly maintain their INR levels. They are conducting clinical trials now with lower INR levels. Preliminary results are good. If it is approved by the FDA with lower INR levels, this valve might become the most popular one. What do you think?

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