New Blog Up!
Journal posted on April 7, 2017
Thanks Adam for all you have done by creating this site!!!!
Barbara Wood  Love your blog Valerie! So fun! What's with this intubation clearance?? I haven't had that! ( my date is now after yours- May 22- put off because I caught bronchitis:))xo
Phyllis Petersen  Another delightful blog. Humor is still the best medicine ... to a point. If you need fixing, you need fixing. You'll do fine!
Valerie Archual  Thank you both ladies. Barbara the intubation clearance was just because I had had esophagus surgery at birth- so it's just a "me thing" And wow- I'm before ... Read more
Barbara Wood  Thanks Valerie, I am...yeah, you're before me now:) my thoughts & prayers are with you as well!
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March 31, 2017

Question for tissue valve veterans- how long did yours last before having to be replaced?? And was it replaced minimally invasive or through open heart??
Jeanette Davidson   I had the same question today Valerie. I had a very successful Aortic Valve replacement and triple bypass in July 2015. I'm now developing fatigue, shortness ... Read more
Malihe ghadimi  I have same questions!
Valerie Archual  Wow- really? Please let me know what they say! I will be praying for you!!!! Malihe, I thought I'd ask for both of us! ;)
Cathleen DeWitt  My most recent was done with TAVR after 11 years and it was amazing ❤️. It's the future for re-do tissue valves 😊🌟.
Blog continuation of "My Journey Through Heart Surgery"
Journal posted on March 31, 2017
Barbara Wood  enjoyed your blog post Valerie:)
Valerie Archual  Thanks for reading Barbara!! How ya doing??
Blog week 6
Journal posted on March 24, 2017
A stray away from the heart saga-I needed a break! lol
Prayers for all those with upcoming surgeries this week! <3
Phyllis Petersen  Such a wonderful story about a once in a lifetime event. Growing up in Brooklyn, my dad took us to the parade when we were young (we were right across from ... Read more
Barbara Wood  I like your story too to remember going to the Macy's Day parade( & St. Pats). I lived in NYC before I was married. I like your therapy!:)
Valerie Archual  Wow guys!!!!? How awesome you both got to live and experience NYC!!!!! I love it there! Would love to go back soon!!!! It was quite the experience!!! I'm so ... Read more
Robotic Question
Journal posted on March 23, 2017
Anybody out there been turned down for robotic because of artery size??? Still debating but won't know if I am a candidate until ct day before surgery... I'm anxious. I've heard small people have small arteries and I'm a small people... lol
Patty Garrard  Valerie, If you are talking about TAVR, then yes. My small artery has been an issue with my heart health and surgery. I am extremely small(4'11") and my small ... Read more
Arif Butt  Today , it's been 6 weeks since surgery, and 31/2 weeks since getting discharged for the third time. Drove yesterdatcfir a blood work appointment, went on two ... Read more
Kathy Blank  I am small framed at 5'3" and my arteries were fine- hope yours are also and you are a perfect candidate for robotic mitral valve repair!
Ben Hyman  I hada CT Angiogram as a qualifier for robotic mitral repair 3 months before the actual procedure. (March 15th 2017)?I knew the same day that I was a good candidate. ... Read more
Valerie Archual  Thanks guys!!!
Blog #5... for your reading enjoyment... and my mental thera
Journal posted on March 17, 2017
Barbara Wood  Really cute post Valerie ( informative too)!
Phyllis Petersen  Hahaha! Wonderful way of explaining your process. I hope the results are good and you can move along with less fear.
Valerie Archual  Again- it is my therapy... Thanks guys <3
Question for Robotic Patients
Journal posted on March 14, 2017
I am traveling for my surgery but my cardiologist here says he's not too keen on being hooked up to the femoral artery. He says that everything is leaning towards future cardio surgeries in that artery and doesn't want to create scar tissue. Have any of your docs posted this idea?
Phyllis Petersen  My cardiologist didn't seem concerned. I don't know why yours is more concerned about that location rather than others. Speak with your surgeon, who may offer better insight.
Dan Marcantel  It was the norm for my surgeon. My scar looks pretty good after 8 months.
Steve Farthing  The odds are pretty good that your mitral valve will be repaired and you will not need another mitral valve surgery. But if you wanted to avoid using the femoral ... Read more
Kathy Blank  I just had robotic and did a ton of research and never came across anything about the femoral artery being a problem for the bypass.
Phyllis Petersen  I spoke today with my sister, who is a cardiac cath nurse. She hasn't heard of there being these problems. If there's an issue, you can always use the other ... Read more
New Post
Journal posted on March 10, 2017
Waiting is definatley one of the hardest parts so I am finding out... I am writing my journey on a weekly (hopefully) blog! My surgery is set for May 16.....
Civita Fahey  Yes waiting is def hard. I find it want it over and done with though I'm scared to death.. just have to keep thinking positively and keep our Faith.. best of luck on your surgery..
Steven A Husted  yes i was scared to death of ohs but i knew something had to be done and after it was over i am glad i had it done it was really not that bad
Steve Farthing  I'm curious...From your blog, it is not clear whether your mitral leak has progressed to severe regurgitation. You said it was 'teetering' on that. If it ... Read more
Barbara Wood  I really liked your blog post Valerie! I reacted to the tee anesthesia the same way you did :). I'm in for mitral repair 2 weeks before you- yep, the waiting is nerve racking!
Cathy Zuber  Great blog!! Thanks for the humor..especially for the TEE! I also like your idea for getting your money's worth from the surgery!!
Valerie Archual  I'm trying to make light of all this, and like I said before, writing is my therapy! Thanks so much for reading guys <3 Steve keep reading the blog, lol- but ... Read more
Good therapy
Journal posted on March 2, 2017
Writing is good therapy during the anticipation and the waiting!
Blog #3
Catie B  You're a very engaging writer, Valerie!
I know the waiting is hard. It takes awhile with Cleveland, but they're excellent! My surgery was there last September. Best to you...
Valerie Archual  Thanks Catie!! I will check out your page!!!
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February 22, 2017

As part of the first ever National Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day
I have posted the second entry to my blog with a bit of my backstory
Barbara Wood  Nice post Valerie, I enjoyed it very much:)
Valerie Archual  Thanks Barbara! How are you doing this week?
Here's my newest picture!
February 20, 2017   Like
Barbara Wood  Cute!
Tracy Simmons  I just checked out your blog - very touching. I think it's a great way to cope with all the emotions that come with this "path" and share what you're going ... Read more
Tracy Simmons  PS - It sounds like you have a great attitude to help you through this.
Valerie Archual  Thanks Tracy! I just started it last week and hope to update every week, bout to post a new one now. I am going to get on your journal and read more- but you ... Read more
Tracy Simmons  Hi Valeria. Yes, I had mitral valve repair through a minimally invasive procedure, but not the robotic procedure. End result was about a 2 inch incision between ... Read more
Valerie Archual  So what was your procedure? Similar to the robotic? How did you know about the pericarditis? What were the symptoms to know something wasn't right?
So I've started a Blog...
Journal posted on February 20, 2017
I decided to start a blog documenting this journey through heart surgery. I hoping it will keep me sane through this whole thing. Check it out:
Barbara Wood  That's a great idea Valerie & a nice way to keep friends & family informed-nice work, you're a talented lady!
Valerie Archual  It's just a bit more detailed as to what's happening with me, plus writing keeps me sane! Have you had a surgery yet?
Barbara Wood  No, like you I'm waiting for a mitral valve repair or replacement. I have a surgeons appointment this week, so I'll see how fast he wants to move! The waiting ... Read more
Valerie Archual  Aww thanks Barbara. Keep me posted. I will keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers!
Getting back on the journal!
Journal posted on February 15, 2017
So now that I have a surgery date set in May was trying to get insight on those that have had robotic surgery. Trying to weigh out the pros and cons if I am even a candidate. I appreciate any insight!
Michael Meyer  Valerie:

I had mitral valve repair surgery at Cleveland Clinic July 2014. Dr. Gillinov was my physician. I thoroughly researched this procedure and had an ... Read more
Valerie Archual  That would be great!!! Thanks!!!!
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December 6, 2016

Sooo, wanting to get info on Mitral valve repair/replacement. I am a 45 year old woman with a "sever" leaking MV, plus an ASD and a small leak in my tricuspid valve. Repair is the hope but surgeon's are saying I need to make a decision on tissue vs mechanical just in case a replacement is needed. I'm overwhelmed and need insight.
Stephanie Jones  Im 45 as well just had surgery for mitral valve repair. Had severe leak. Heres a link to my video diary explaining my situation.
Short introduction about myself and medical issues. I have Severe Mitral Regurgitation requiring mitral valve repar. My videos Include links to my other vide...
Robert D'Aurora  My surgeon recommended a bovine valve because if and when it would need replaced in 15-20 years, the hope is that the technology will exist to allow the valve ... Read more
Valerie Archual  That is the way I am leaning too. Praying mine can be repaired. Thank you for your insight! I am sure I will have more questions, I have surgery scheduled in ... Read more