tomorrow is my last day pre op
Journal posted on November 29, 2016
tomorrow is my last day home before surgery. I plan on packing my bag, still have to purchase ear plugs, sleeping mask, and a long phone charger. I feel very well prepared, and am going into surgery more relaxed than I thought I would be. I'll post updates as I am recovering! feel free to follow me!
Jim Whipple  You sound ready Lady.
Marie Leighton  Prayers for you! I'm behind you by one day. We will do well.👌
Amy Steele  Great that you are taking ear plugs and a sleeping mask! I used noise cancelling headphones and played music on my phone all night. That along with the sleep ... Read more
Stephanie Jones  Thank you everyone!
My video journal
Journal posted on November 28, 2016
I already started a video journal / diary about my condition/surgery on you tube.
here is the link if you would like to view:
Here's my newest picture!
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Myself, my daughter and my son. (my son and I both have Marfan Syndrome.)
Here's my newest picture!
November 28, 2016   Like
Oct. 2016 presurgery. :)