Surgeon Q&A: Minimally-Invasive Heart Valve Surgery with Dr. Allan Stewart

During the past 20 years, the surgical approaches to fix heart valve disease have evolved. Today, there are several different approaches to access the heart using minimally-invasive techniques. In addition, with the rise of transcatheter technologies, patients are now having their valves repaired or replaced without any incision to the patient's sternum or ribs. In this video, you will learn about new, minimally-invasive surgical approaches from Dr. Allan Stewart, Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute. Dr. Stewart has been a fantastic supporter of the community. So far, Dr. Stewart has successfully treated over 300 patients in our community! Thanks Dr. Stewart! (Video posted on November 14, 2018)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Allan Stewart

Chief, Cardiac Surgery
Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute
Miami, Florida

(866) 306-8541

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