Christine & Pedro: Aortic Valve & Aneurysm Patient Success Stories

In this video, you will see the inspirational success stories of Christine Pittelli and Pedro Mejias who had aortic valve and/or aneurysm surgery by Dr. Allan Stewart, who is now the Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Miami Heart & Vascular Institute. Christine had a minimally-invasive, aortic valve repair procedure. Pedro, who is a world-record holder in the bench press event, needed to have his aortic aneurysm repaired. At the time this video was shot, Dr. Stewart was an attending surgeon at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, New York. (Video posted on March 4, 2015)

Doctor Interviewed

Dr. Allan Stewart

Chief, Cardiac Surgery
Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute
Miami, Florida

(866) 306-8541

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