Dr. Robert Saeid Farivar

Dr. Robert Saeid Farivar
Heart Surgeon

Aventura, FL
- Unregistered Surgeon

Patient Recommendations (3)

"I will sing the praises of the care I received from Dr. Farivar and his entire team for the rest of my days.

I sought Dr. Farivar thanks to the recommendation of a good friend and co-worker who had had an aortic valve replaced about a year and a half before my diagnosis. From the moment I started working with my cardiologists there I knew I was in good hands. It was a coincidence but my friend also had Dr. Farivar for her procedure and she raved about the level of care she received.

I met Dr. Farivar for my surgical consult, and I knew I was in good hands right away. He did a terrific job of explaining the damage to my valve leaflets and I felt for the first time I truly had an understanding of the actual physiology of my mitral valve. I left the hospital that morning still scared but confident in the team being assembled to help restore my heart's efficiency. It truly is a team effort, and that's what most impressed me about my entire experience with Dr. Farivar. Top to bottom I felt like the whole system was invested in my having the best outcome from my procedure. Throughout the whole experience I was constantly assured that I was in good hands, and how I was treated by schedulers, nurses, PA's, anesthesiologists, and parking attendants reaffirmed it many times over.

The toughest part of the time from diagnosis to surgery was the uncertainty regarding whether my mitral valve was going to need a repair or replacement. Dr. Farivar didn't sugar-coat anything regarding the complexity of my valve situation, and I appreciated his frankness and honesty. I had one hundred percent confidence that if it could be repaired he was the surgeon to do it.

I'll never forget how it felt to emerge from anesthesia post-surgery and be told that Dr. Farivar and his team were able to repair my valve and that everything looked great going forward. I had tried to be as stoic as possible during this experience, but I'll never forget the tears of joy and the extreme gratitude I felt towards Dr. Farivar and his entire team."

Posted by Jeffrey Olmsted, Mitral Valve, Valve Repair, 01/18/2017

"Dr. Farivar is a fantastic surgeon. He was able to repair my valve instead of having to insert a mechanical valve. He is professional and outstanding in his practice. I am three years post surgery, living life every day, enjoying my kids, and exercising every day."

Posted by William Mixon, Mitral Valve, Valve Repair, 06/08/2014

"Dr. Farivar has an extensive background and was the Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis. Right from my initial appointment, Dr. Farivar was very easy going and personable. He took the time to discuss, in detail, my situation and my options with myself and my husband and proceeded to answer all of our questions and concerns.

Specializing in minimally invasive surgery, I felt confident in Dr. Farivar to proceed with this recommendation for me. All went as planned, and I have a beautiful (almost invisible) scar - even after just 6 weeks! During my recovery at the hospital, he checked in on me often (in person) to ensure all was going well.

Dr. Farivar is very easy to talk to and made me feel like I wasn't just another patient. Even at my one month follow-up appointment, he took the time to answer any outstanding concerns or questions to make sure I would get the most success out of my recovery and back to a normal, healthy life. I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

Posted by Tammi Gunwall, Aortic Valve, Valve Replacement, Mini Sternotomy, 01/07/2015