Dr. Paul Massimiano, Heart Surgeon

Falls Church, VA, Unregistered surgeon [What's this?]

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"Dr. Massimiano used a right mini-thoracotomy with femoral cannulation to repair my flailing p2 leaflet. The wound in my ches is about 2.5 inches and the wound near my hip is about 3 inches. I considered several surgeons - some of them hundreds of miles away - before choosing Dr. Massimiano. In the end my understanding is that he is performing a volume of minimally invasive surgeries on par with or larger than all but one of the surgeons I researched. (The surgeon who performed more surgeries retracted his offer to perform surgery on me because I had too many questions.) Dr. Massimiano was able to fix my mitral valve and the initial TEE showed 0 regurgitation. His bedside manner is confident and reassuring, which I found helpful both before and after surgery. "

Posted by Fred Grasso

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