One month to go!
Journal posted on August 9, 2015
Surgery is one month from today... So to honor that my dog and I logged a 4.5 mile walk/hike. I live at pretty high altitude in a cute little ski town. For some reason, today I feel the best I've felt in a while. No fatigue or headaches like I've had all summer. My surgeon told me to stay fit until surgery so I'm trying. This morning was perfect!
New surgery date
Journal posted on August 4, 2015
Due to some odd heart rhythms seen on a halter monitor, my surgeon moved my date up to September 9th. I am so ready to get this over and hopefully be ready for snowmobiling by January! :)
Kelly Weisgarber  Good luck Jackie! Waiting is so hard, I'm sure you're ready to be on the recovery side of this.
Jackie Owens  It is the worst part! I just want to be back to 100%! :)
Lora Lee Peterson  Good luck, Jackie! You'll do great! Your age and general overall fitness will be in your favor!
UCLA visit
Journal posted on July 28, 2015
Just got back home to Colorado from UCLA. Met my soon to be heart surgeon and he made it seem like heart surgery number 4 will be a walk in the park. Here's hoping ! We chose to go with a tissue valve as my adventurous spirit and extreme sports lifestyle would be limited on coumadin. Ready to get this done as my palpitations are driving me nuts!!! October 9 is my date, unless my surgeon changes it after looking at more tests !
Steven A Husted  praying you will do fine the lord will take care of you heart sister you will have a lot of others here praying also your heart brother steve (popeye)
Jackie Owens  Thank you! :)