On February 8, 2010...
Hi Steve
Been there. Done that and more than once. I went first class though - by ambulances. I even got plucked off one of the major highways in Ontario. I'm surprised I'm still married. My husband is just the best. Once, when the attendants came to the house they ended up being associates of my husband and no way where they checking my heart! I could have died of embarassment. It was after that last episode I started seeing a cardiologist on a regular basis - finally! Maybe Adam should have a "most embarassing moment" section. Heart palpitations do funny things and once you start getting the pains to boot, what do you do? It takes getting a diagnosis to begin to live with this while you are waiting to get worse. It's good you an laugh at yourself. You are among friends here. Good luck with your tests. Cheryl, Ontario
On February 6, 2010...
Hey Steven! I can so relate to your experiences. Luckily, I do have a good cardiologist; it's his nurse that I have an issue with. She & I have had a "come to Jesus" talk & she now knows that when I call, she'd better acknowledge me ASAP.
Only you can know what you are feeling, and if something's not right, you have every right to find out why. Keep looking & find a doctor that will listen to you and help you. I had to do that with my psychiatrist and am still looking for a good one.
You are not an idiot! You are just aware of your body, and that awareness will serve you well.
I'll follow your updates as we musicians should stick together!
On February 6, 2010...
Hi Steven,
You are not an idiot and you have no reason to feel apologetic! You know your body and when somthing if off kilter. It's like your car engine, you wouldn't accept a mechanic saying that all was ok when you instinctively feel a shudder or misfire or loss of power. Get a 2nd opinion from a recommended cardiologist to find the cause of your symptoms - I started to feel neurotic when both my GP and my cardiologist kept telling me that my lungs were clear of fluid and that there was no reason for breathlessness. It was only after I admitted myself as an emergency that a chest x-ray confirmed significant fluid build in the lungs and legs and that I was in congestive heart failure. My (ex) cardiologist still didn't see the need for any further tests but upped my medication and wanted to see me again in 4 months. That's when I found this website and Adams book and the confirmation that I needed to seek out the best that the UK could offer. You deserve the best quality of life - fight for it!
Warmest wishes Penny