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Waiting to leave the hospital after 5 days and a minimally invasive mitral valve repair yeah it’s behind me❤️💪🏻💯🙏🏻   See my other pictures.

mara katz  Went home feel like I’m on a lot of medicines hopefully most will be temporary. Soo good to be in my own bed and unattached from all the wires!! Hopefully will sleep some now.
Kevin Bradley  Mara, so glad you are doing well! Home is definitely a good feeling.
Susan Lynn  Glad you're home! Speedy recovery, Mara!
Tim Saint   Nice view. Congrats the worst is over! Wishing you a smooth recovery.
Diane Esposito  Congrats Mara! You look great, I am so glad everything went well.
Tracy Fallu  Welcome home.... all you have to do is sleep, walk a bit, and repeat.
Judy S  Looking great Mara! What a difference a few days makes. Hope you have a smooth recovery!
Mike Roskowinski  Awesome Mara. The Easter Bunny brought you home for the family. So awesome to see and here that you are doing great.
leslie terjesen  Speedy recovery to you. Is that a bottle of wine on your pillow? What a good choice of pictures. Last week, at 8 weeks post op, enjoyed my first glass, wait, two glasses, of wine!
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1 day ago

Anyone dealt with amiodarone toxicity?

mara katz  Please explain what happened. I just got put on that.
Troy Ainsworth  A small percentage of us it will be toxic to our lungs. It gave me essentially pneumonia like symptoms and can linger for quite some time hampering lung capacity. ... Read more
Claire Kreger-Boaz  Yes! I had to go off of it bc I was so sick & couldn’t eat. It also caused my liver numbers to be elevated. Thankfully I was only on it for a few weeks before my cardiologist stopped it.
Barbara Wood  I was on amiodorone for 5 months after surgery & was very glad to be taken off it! Mara, you should have a pulmonary function test before starting it & should ... Read more
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1 day ago

I finally got ‘em - six weeks post surgery. I guess I’m going to be alright.   See my other pictures.

Marie Myers  We knew you could do it....
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1 day ago
Claire Kreger-Boaz writes, "Kevin, how are you doing? How’s your pain?"
Kevin Bradley  Hey Claire, how are you my friend? I’m doing lol. Pain comes and goes. I was going pretty good but today my chest feels more stiff than prior days. I just ... Read more
Claire Kreger-Boaz  I’m doing ok. Feeling good today but yesterday was rough. I guess that’s how it goes? I rested on my left side for a few minutes this morning but I’m ... Read more
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1 day ago

OHS ppl, did you notice MORE intense sternum pain 2+ weeks post op? I was in tears last night & it hurts to move around today. (17 days post op). 😭🙏🏻

Kevin Bradley  I can’t believe it’s been 17 days already!!!! I’m not sure if I should be doing this but I am able to get somewhat comfortable on my left side at night ... Read more
Claire Kreger-Boaz  You must be super-human! I’m craving side sleep but it hurts too much! How are you painwise?
Kevin Bradley  It comes and goes. I just deal with it knowing it will eventually go away. Lol it seems the more I do things and move around the less stiff I am. When I rest for too long I get sore in my sternum.
Susan Lynn  Claire- you may have nerves regenerating. My surgeon froze several of mine during surgery and there was some discomfort and sometimes numbness. Hopefully, ... Read more
Gina Fiorentino  Yes, that sounds familiar. My sternum still is very sensitive 1 year later... but nothing compared to the first month or so. I remember I traveled as a passenger ... Read more
Catie B  For what it's worth, I was told by cardiac nurse at hospital not to turn onto my side for six weeks....
Claire, I hope your pain eases soon.
T.C. Sayles  Claire, I can't say I had that exactly, but even now 10 weeks post, there is still tenderness. The worst for me was the neck and shoulder pain on the top right ... Read more
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2 days ago
Suzette writes, "I am scheduled for a TEE on 4/23/19"
Diane Esposito  Let us know how it goes! You’ll do fine.
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2 days ago
Joey Hardee writes, "Hey Rich! Checking on you. Hoping your recovery is going smoothly. Update when you are up to it."
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2 days ago
I am almost at 10 weeks post surgery...I was wondering if anyone has gone for a massage before this point in recovery? If so, did you find it hard, any discomfort, able to lay on ... Read more
Claire Kreger-Boaz  10 weeks! How do you feel?
Marie Myers  I am thinking I waited about 3 months before I could get a massage. It took me that long to be comfy lying on my stomach.
T.C. Sayles  Claire, I feel good..but my incision opened up and now I have a hole in my chest! Been dealing with daily wound care for 3+ weeks. Hoping for only another 2 ... Read more
Tracy Fallu  I had one sitting in a chair and lying in my side. The massage really helped with my shoulder knots.
Claire Kreger-Boaz  TC, omg that sounds traumatic! I’m also 46 & thought age would be on my side but I am still having so much pain in my sternum! I’m going to look up the ... Read more
Meredith Bray  I went for a massage at about 10 weeks! I told the therapist about my surgery and she helped me maneuver when I needed it. I was not uncomfortable laying face ... Read more
Gina Fiorentino  Yes, all of the above. Difficult to lay on stomach for many months, but did lay on top of a soft blanket
doubled up under my chest for a gentle massage at ... Read more
Diane Esposito  T.C. I am a licensed massage therapist and you can also have the therapist work on you in a side lying position with pillow under your neck/ head, between ... Read more
T.C. Sayles  OMG!!! Everyone!! Thank you so much!! Happy Easter to you all and Happy Passover too! All great tips!! I am going to go brave it next week!
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2 days ago
Susan Lynn writes, "Diane- It's almost show time! I'm sure you're filled with excitement and anticipation. You can do this and we'll be here cheering you on every step of the way! All the best! ❤"
Diane Esposito  Thanks, Susan Lynn! I’ve definitely transitioned from dread to let’s get this show on the road. All of you have helped so much and your posts are always ... Read more
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2 days ago
Susan Lynn writes, "Julie - Wishing you all the best this week! You're going to do just great. I, too, was a medical minimalist and was just as scared about the hospital stay as I was about the ... Read more
Julie M  Bless you, Susan! Your words of encouragement are so helpful. I must say, my experience at the hospital with the cardiac cath and the preop testing left me ... Read more
Susan Lynn  Julie - You're quite welcome! We're all in this together. You have an entire group of heart warriors rooting for you!
I love your quote and yes - All will be well! ❤
Diane Esposito  Hey Julie, You are so right about how fortunate we are that we have conditions that can be fixed; that’s one of the first thoughts I had when I was diagnosed ... Read more
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Susan Lynn writes, "Welcome, Naomi! It sounds like you're living a fabulous, active life! Many of us were caught by surprise with our diagnoses, but luckily, we have conditions that can be ... Read more
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2 days ago
Jean Jackson writes, "All the best Peter! I had AVR for a bicuspid valve just over two years ago and am doing well. You know, I dreaded the surgery but the recovery was not nearly so bad as imagined. ... Read more
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Peter Eglintonposted a journal
2 days ago
Pre-op Day - done
Completed my pre-op tests: physical, nose swab, consultation with the nurse, chest x-ray, blood work, urine test, and CT scan. Long day, including a 4-hour roundtrip from Portland... Read more
Susan Lynn  Congratulations, Peter! Completion of pre-op day is a major milestone and you did it! Sorry you had to endure the needle sticks, but you got through it ... Read more
Peter Eglinton  Thank you, Susan.
Marie Myers  Yes, the preop testing was far more exhausting than I expected it to be...Wishing you a smooth trip through surgery and recovery!
Diane Esposito  Yay, Peter! You’re a real trooper!
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2 days ago

Pre-op Day at Massachusetts General Hospital

Tim Saint   Looking very relaxed.
Peter Eglinton  Ah, but a little deceptive. Recovering from 2 attempts at blood draws and 3 attempts (2 arms) at IV. Not the most wonderful experience for a needle phobe. That ... Read more
Civita Fahey  HI Peter.. I saw Dr. Sundt for a second opinion on my OHS. I liked him a lot. he was really great with answering questions. I ended up having my surgery at ... Read more
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Anne Blanchard writes, "I had surgery in November 2018. I was 67 at that time. I had it at Cleveland Clinic. I got a cow valve and the aneurysm was repaired. I too did not want a mechanical valve. But ... Read more
Leslie Baugherposted an update
3 days ago
Hello All, it has been 6 years from my OHS with replacement of the Aortic and Mitral valves. I will be undergoing a second OHS on June 3 to replace those tissue valves with ... Read more
Marie Myers  I am sorry you have to undergo another surgery. I don't have any info on multiple valve surgery, but hopefully someone will chime in with some experience. I hope everything goes well for you!
Claire Kreger-Boaz  I’m so sorry to hear this. Which type of tissue valves do you have?
Rita Savelis  When my mitral and aortic valves were replaced with mechanical valves 4 yrs ago, the surgeon also repaired my tricuspid valve. This hadn't been mentioned before ... Read more