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A Survivor writes, "Mark,
I didn'the do a good job on first post, don'the see it.

I had minimally invasive procedure for mitral prolapse in February. It consists of eight separate cuts. Along ... Read more

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Hello! My name is Dr. Irving Kron and I am a cardiac surgeon having graduated from Medical College of Wisconsin in 1975. To date, I have performed approximately 11,000 cardiac surgeries, of which 5,000 involved heart valve procedures. I regularly perform surgery at University of Virginia Medical Center. Read more...

Mark Caswellgot a new guestbook post
2 hours ago
A Survivor writes, "Mark,
I forgot the fourth rib was broken during procedure.
And one of the in case wires wouldn't come out.
I have a momento and must remember to advise MRI tech!!

From my ... Read more
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Alina FH writes, "Dear Barb, I have no idea how I missed your latest posts, but I did! :( You look AMAZING. Your spirit and resilience will forever shine through.
I hope you are doing well. I miss... Read more
Anna Jonesposted a journal
7 hours ago
Fear: which is worse

I keep reading that our fear is worse than the surgery itself. Is our fear also worse than the recovery? I think, primarily, I am frightened of everything that comes after the surgery more.

Chris Purvis Me too!
Helen Daw I was in your shoes 4 months ago. Fear and waiting were the worst part of the whole process. I woke u after the surgery in disbelieve that it was over, but ... Read more
Judy Shaw Me too! The fear of the unknown.
Kirk Bepler Thinking about the surgery is scary, I had a few bumps in the road. But the pain factor, I was thinking that was going to be the worst part. When all was said ... Read more
Debbie Chatzky Anna yes for me there is less fear of the surgery and more of a recovery that has bumps in it. With surgery coming up quickly for me I have thoughts of cancelling ... Read more
Rita Savelis I could never tell someone that fear is worse than surgery because I don't assume to understand or feel their personal fears or their recovery.
Recovery is ... Read more
Mark Wilbur Anna, As you listen to the words of others who have shared their experiences, also listen to your own words of encouragement that you have given to others. ... Read more
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8 hours ago

See previous post. :) See my other pictures.

Chris Purvis Looking good man!
Judy Shaw You look great!
Mark Wilbur Good pic, Jonathan!
Kirk Bepler You look good.. Here is to a easy recovery!
Debbie Chatzky Great news!
Jonathan Binesposted an update
8 hours ago
This is Jon's wife, Alexandra. Less than 24 hours after his Ross Procedure, he is out of the ICU (he actually came out this morning) and eating chicken salad. :) He's taken several... Read more
Joey Hardee How awesome is this news! Praying the recovery goes well and Jon is better than ever.
Judy Shaw Great news!
Gina Fiorentino Wonderful post!
Chris Purvis That’s great news super happy for him and the positive news!
Anna Jones Fantastic news! Sending prayers for an easy recovery.
Mark Wilbur Thanks for the update, Alexandra. We're very happy for him -- and for you, too!
Susan Lynn Great news! Thanks for the update!
Helen Daw Great news! Thanks for the update. I knew that hospital food looked familiar....LOL...I was there 4 months ago.
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Sue Tom writes, "Hi Michael, glad you had successful surgery and recovering well at home. I have an ascending aortic aneurysm which involves the aortic arch. Did they use Dacron graft for your ... Read more
Michael Eichhorn Hi Sue, The Surgeon did use Dacron graft for the Anuerysm and Root repair. My arch was not included but they did cool my body temperature for a possible arch ... Read more
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Peter willard writes, "David I had a bovine valve put in at age 67 and now 75 I work out 6 days a week what valve will you get.David good luck to you and you will do fine because you are in good shape."
Chris Purvisposted a journal
10 hours ago
New Plan
June 20th in Houston at Baylor St. Luke’s. Dr Joseph Lamelas will be my surgeon and replace my AVR and Ascending aorta aneurysm through a right thoracotomy(2 in incision in pec... Read more
Michael Eichhorn May you have peace in the days leading to surgery and know that all things work for those who love him and are called to his purpose.
Chris Purvis Amen brother! You’ve been someone I can depend on for advice and guidance so much appreciated man!
Chris Purvisposted a journal
10 hours ago
New Plan
June 20th in Houston at Baylor St. Luke’s. Dr Joseph Lamelas will be my surgeon and replace my AVR and Ascending aorta aneurysm through a right thoracotomy(2 in incision in pec... Read more
Rose Madura Sounds like you have peace now about this. Glad to hear. Best wishes for your upcoming surgery. Please keep us posted.
Judy Shawposted a journal
10 hours ago
In case anyone's interest

Coupons for Scaraway products

Get ScarAway® coupons here and save on your next purchase of ScarAway®. Available at your favorite local retailer where over-the-counter products are sold.
Kirk Bepler Thanks, when can you start applying it to the scar?
Judy Shaw I'm ashamed to say I don't know. I haven't had my surgery yet. I've seen Scaraway mentioned on here before. I did read ehere someone said they didn't use any ... Read more
Gina Fiorentino I believe I read in one of Adam Pick's links that Maderma can often be used just a few weeks after surgery if the incision is healing nicely. To be safe, I ... Read more
Judy Shaw That's good to know Gina. Thank you.
Judy Shaw One thing I am dreading just as bad as the surgery is the heat and humidity of North Carolina this summer and trying to walk outside!
Rose Madura Hi Judy, is there a local Y or Rec Center you can join? We joined our rec center for $34 each for the year! We have access to a walking track. If we want ... Read more
Kirk Bepler Judy - I'm in Phoenix and temps reached high 90's since my surgery, I use a treadmill during the day and walk at night outside. Also I still have some scabs ... Read more
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Big Sis writes, "Now you're talking sis! Now you can plant those flowers and start smelling them a little earlier than planned. Digging in the dirt is wonderful therapy for your heart and soul!"
Jennifer Johnposted a journal
13 hours ago
New surgery date
Forget what I said yesterday.
My cardiac nurse Marguerite just called to say my surgeon, Dr. Steven Bolling of the UofM Hospital in Ann Arbor, has an emergency case he must handle... Read more
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Michael Eichhorn So happy to see you doing well my Bentall Brother! I still cannot believe the 6.3 cm root.
Chris Purvis Thanks for connecting with me today via email Mark. Glad you are doing better and that story you shared was powerful=10cm.
Mark Craven Thanks for the sentiments. Glad to see you are doing well Michael!
Valerie Archualposted a photo
16 hours ago

My talented photographer daughter set up this delirious late night photo shoot of her old mom and her scar! See my other pictures.

Marie Myers Great pic! Looks like cleavage to me....
Anna Jones Lovely picture
Barbara Wood Gorgeous Valerie! Now that's the way to wear a scar!
Lilly Black Beautiful pic! You don’t look like an old Mom😊
Catie B Beauuutiful!
judith monti great pic. I cannot see a scar!
Susan Lynn Stunning! Great picture!
Gina Fiorentino Super stunning! Love your smile too!
Helen Daw Wow!! You are so beautiful that no one will notice your scar.
Rita Savelis Oh my! She's talented. You're lovely! I am definitely jealous of scars that look like cleavage, but I think you have to have to have some cleavage to start with....oh well.
Valerie Archualposted a journal
16 hours ago

Here I am! A year out from my heart surgery! I am so thankful to God for this journey that taught me so much!!

 “Is it the scar?”   My mind drifted back to my summers during elementary school. Back to the years of wearing a one-piece bathing suit and getting away with it until it was deemed “uncool.” Those one-piece years were then transformed into what I now call my “Napoleon era,” which was sometime around late middle school, early high school.  It was then that my normal summer stance, in a bikini anyway, looked much like the French commander’s, one arm staying... Read More Read More
Anna Jones Valerie, that is a lovely post. I haven't worried about the scar either. I am past the age when people notice me, and have entered into the invisible years. ... Read more
Barbara Wood Wonderful post glad you've had a good year... ( I've never worried about my scars either:))
Lilly Black Great post! Happy anniversary, Valerie! 👏✌️
Gina Fiorentino Can't wait to read this one. Your writings have been such an important part of my heart journey, and post-surgery healing (physically and mentally).