Wayne Caseygot a new guestbook post
1 hours ago
Bonnie Stone-Hope writes, "Hello Wayne,
So glad to hear that things are now going well for you.

Sounds like you had quite a time. When you take good care of yourself, and get a diagnosis of heart ... Read more

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Susan Killianposted a journal
1 hours ago
Did not realize it early on but I was definitely in denial. In between all my tests I was walking and walking and doing all kinds of things, trying to prove to I guess myself and ... Read more
Bonnie Stone-Hope Hi Susan,
It takes a while to go from denial to acceptance, especially when you feel perfectly fine! At least, that was my experience.
Great that you are ... Read more
Anna Jones Hi Susan, I'm just a little behind you. Sending best wishes for an easy surgery and recovery.
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1 hours ago
Bonnie Stone-Hope writes, "Hello Nupur,

Had a mitral valve repaired in December for severe regurgitation and enlarged atrium, and feel fine.
Best of luck with your surgery and hope you have a very easy recovery."
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1 hours ago
Bonnie Stone-Hope writes, "Hello Elizabeth,
Best wishes for a successful surgery and easy recovery."
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2 hours ago

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Helen Dawposted a journal
3 hours ago
One full week home
It has been one full week home and I feel great. Dr took me off all meds since my blood pressure remained too low. NO pain meds not even Tylenol. A little sore in the chest but ... Read more
Bonnie Stone-Hope Wonderful news! Good for you.
Susan Killian So glad to hear you are doing well. Are you using a wedge to sleep on or a recliner?
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3 hours ago
Jennifer McInerney writes, "Hello Amy. Welcome to the site. It's a great place to get information and share your experience."
LJ Williamsposted an update
3 hours ago
My husband had TEE in January. He has a flail leaflet with ruptured chordae and moderate to severe regurg. Cardiologist referring us to Dr. Richard Smalling for Mitra Clip ... Read more
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4 hours ago

Sharing words of encouragement to anyone coping with health obstacles on a daily basis See my other pictures.

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Fatema Yaqubigot a new guestbook post
12 hours ago
Carmel Power writes, "Hi Fatema. Hope your surgery went well. I had mine on the 15 Feb and have had a few hiccups but I am getting better now. All the best C"
Fatema Yaqubi Thanks Carmel, surgery went well. Everyday is a new day for me better than the day before lots of walking and resting of course. I’m glad you’re better now and it will be from now on keep it up.🙂
Lilly Blackgot a new guestbook post
12 hours ago
Carmel Power writes, "Hi Lilly. I hope you have found the basis of your migraines and have achieved some relief. All the best. C"
Lilly Black Not yet Carmel. But I am working on it. I will not be defeated! In a way it’s worse than the 2 heart surgeries I had because it seems there is no hope. My ... Read more
Mark Cravengot a new guestbook post
13 hours ago
Gerald Poulton writes, "Hi Mark, 6 1/2 months post op and life is great 👍 I had the same genetic heart condition but found out about it a long time ago Although older at 65 I was also i n good physical... Read more
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15 hours ago

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Anna Jones Hi Wayne. I read your story. I'm very glad you are doing well after your second surgery. Sending best wishes for continued health.
Maggie Valenzuelaposted a journal
16 hours ago
Mild mitral regurgitation
I get worried due to anxiety. I have mild mitral regurgitation and it scares me. I’ve had it for many years and it stays the same (no progression), thank you, God. All ... Read more
Wayne Casey I get your worry, but mild is nothing. Usually you won’t be operated on unless it becomes severe. Even then, you could have a minimally invasive repair, ... Read more
Helen Daw Maggie, My grandmother had mitral valve regurgitation and she lived to be 102 without any surgeries. Why worry about something you cannot control. I just had ... Read more
Susan Killian My Mom had murmur for years and lived to be 84, and it wasn't the valve that killed her. So when they told me 2 years ago I had a murmur I did not worry. ... Read more
Michael Neverisky Hi Maggie. We are all susceptible to worry and to varying amounts each of us experiences anxiety. The key to keeping that under control, in my experience, is ... Read more
Maggie Valenzuela Thank you all! Your words help me. The internet can be very scary. I google this and all I hear, and from doctors, that it is harmful. They all mean when it ... Read more
Melissa Housergot a new guestbook post
17 hours ago
Wanda Blackwood writes, "Hey Melissa, I was reading your journal and saw you have the On-X valve. I was wondering if you hear any ticking sounds from it and if so is it very bothersome?"
Denise Campbell Hi. I have an on-x. At first you’ll always hear it. After a while you’ll struggle to hear it. I’ve had mine for two years.
Wanda Blackwoodposted a journal
18 hours ago
A big thank you
I just wanted to say thanks to the people in this heart community. I've really reaped some great advice. I appreciate all the encouragement and support I've gotten from others here... Read more
Mark Cravengot a new guestbook post
18 hours ago
Michael McMullen writes, "Hi Mark...read your story and somewhat similar to mine, re: murmur discovery and later BAVD...I am just over a year from OHS/AV replacement and all went well. Maybe you can read ... Read more