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Michaela writes, "I love you dork"
Michael Morrison  hahaha! why am I a dork?

Upcoming Patient Surgeries

Marti Leick
Aortic Stenosis
January 23, 2019

Dianne A
Mitral Regurgitation
January 25, 2019

Russell DeVita
Aortic Regurgitation
January 28, 2019
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26 minutes ago

I walked a mile today.

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30 minutes ago
Low grade fever every night lately
Hi everybody. I’m 15 days past surgery. Every night at the same exact time, about 8pm, I develop a low grade fever (between 99.9 and 100.7). Luckily, when I wake in the morning ... Read more
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5 hours ago
leslie terjesenposted a photo
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Patricia writes, "Marti, Praying for you, your surgical team and your family. May you all be at peace, full of faith and ready for a long happy life with those you love."
Dianne Aposted a journal
8 hours ago
Getting real

Somebody found some room for my cath on Thursday, so I'm back on track for Friday surgery. My head is screaming at me "it's getting real!"

John Morales  Best Of Luck Dianne , we got you and will be here when you in recovery, Blessings and prayers.
Susan Lynn  Good luck! You've got this, Diane! ❤
Kaaren Carone  Good luck!
Dan Baltazor  Prayers for Peace for you Dianne. You can do this!!
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13 hours ago
Steve Corkhill writes, "Two days to go, Dianne. Good luck from here in the UK.
Try to keep it in perspective. Yes, it's frightening. But consider the alternative. This is worth it. It's a positive ... Read more
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Rob Sparling writes, "Marti, prayers today for you. You got this! ❤️💪"
Dan Baltazor  Prayers for swift safe surgery.
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14 hours ago
Rob Sparling writes, "Russell, how are you doing? Are you ready to climb over the wall to the recovery side? What did you decide for your valve? Folks here have lots to share."
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14 hours ago

I'm glad I found this group. This question is so much about the heart surgery. I was wondering if anyone did anything for the nurses that took care of them in the hospital

Susan Lynn  I had my surgery in December and the floor conference room was loaded with fruit baskets, candy, and flowers - I suspect from patients and vendors. I did, ... Read more
Civita Fahey  I got them pastries the day I left.. they were extremely appreciative and it was the least I could do for them being so wonderful.
Barbara Wood  My hubby brought a basket of wrapped truffles that I offered to anyone who came in my room - went through about 80 in 4 days! - & I wrote down all my nurses ... Read more
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20 hours ago
DR. Lamelas is back in Miami!!!
We are SO fortunate that Dr. Lamelas is back in Miami! He was my cardiac surgeon if anyone needs any feedback please let me know. They used to call him “GOD” at Mount Sinai ... Read more

Debbie Kelly  Yes, those of you in the Miami area or nearby are very blessed. I live outside of Houston and was planning on having him do my surgery if I don't qualify for ... Read more
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Debbie Moriarty writes, "Prayers for you tomorrow, Marti!! You’ve got a lot of heart warriors pulling for ya!! Here’s to a successful surgery and a smooth road through recovery!! 😊"
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jennifer jacobs writes, "Good luck Marti. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Before you know it you will be on the recovery side."
jennifer jacobsposted an update
1 day ago

I'm doing good. The only thing is I keep retaining fluid. The keep giving me lasix but they want it down more. Anyone else have to deal with this

Dan Baltazor  Yes, but the Lasix worked. It took about a day and half
jennifer jacobs  Oh good. Tomorrow is day 5
Debbie Moriarty  Not to worry I don’t think, Jennifer. It took me two weeks to get rid of the fluid! I’m still on Lasix but down to once a day. I’m on another diuretic ... Read more
Rita Savelis  Retaining fluid is normal after OHS, alas. I took Lasix for a month.... I hear you, it's a real drag.
Barbara Wood  I took it for at least two weeks. I think it took about 2 weeks to get rid of the extra fluid.
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Rob Sparlingposted an update
1 day ago
Folks, my 73-year old mom had a minor stroke last night. After several tests (MRI, CT, echocardiogram, etc) last night and today, they don’t know what caused it. The docs propose... Read more
Tracy Fallu  I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. Prayers of healing.
Rob Sparling  Thanks, Tracy.
Judy S  Sorry to hear this news Rob, and I hope someone has some insight to help.
Catie B  So, so sorry, Rob. My mom had an afib-induced stroke in her late 50s. Not familiar with ILR. Prayers for your mom!
Debbie Moriarty  I’m so sorry to hear about your mom! I don’t know anything either about the ILR. I hope you get some quick but satisfactory answers! 🙏🏼
Sara Colosimo  Oh Rob I’m sorry. I hope she gets answers and is doing ok.
Rob Sparling  Thanks, All. Appreciate the feedback. No answers yet. Welcome to Northern Michigan.

She is scheduled to get the ILR this morning. It stays in for up to ... Read more
Susan Lynn  Sorry to hear about your mother, Rob. Prayers to both of you.
Bradley Dunn  🙏🏼
Charles Hamel  Praying...
Karen Warren  Sorry to hear about your Mom. Trying to help parents make the right decisions is tough. Prayers your way.