Heart Valve Surgery Success Story

Patient Name:Frank G.
Cardiac Surgeon:Dr. David Adams
Surgery Type:Mitral Valve Repair

Dear Dr. Adams,

How can I begin to thank you and your wonderful staff for the absolutely great work you have done for me. My wife, Mary, and I were initially so afraid of the mitral valve repair surgery, but from the very beginning to my discharge from Mount Sinai you and your staff instilled such warmth, professionalism, and confidence that any concerns we may have had completely disappeared.

Dr. Adams, you are the first doctor I have ever met that said exactly what I say to my patients, and that is “you'll do for me what you yourself would want done if this were you”. That statement, your gifts, and your gentle warmth made all the difference.

Because of your God-given talents I enjoyed a very blessed Christmas with my wife, Mary, and my two little boys, Frankie (five years old) and Dominic (three years old), and what’s more, I am sure I will enjoy many more healthy and happy years with my family.

Thank you, David, for all you do! Please extend my sincere thanks to your wonderful staff, including Dr. Robin, Dr. Federico Milla, Dr. Ahmed, Leemor, Teresa, Terry, MaryAnn, Maura, Ava, Sean, and Joel. All of you have made the most wonderful difference in improving my health and quality of life - but thanks most of all for giving me the greatest gift of life to share for many more years with my wife and two little sons. Who knows, maybe Frankie or Dominic may someday go to Med school and apply to your fantastic program at Mount Sinai - for you are certainly an inspiration for my family.

Again, thank you so very much.

With great warmth,
Frank G.