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By Adam Pick

Dr. Allan Stewart Named “Heart Valve Surgeon Of The Month”

By Adam Pick on November 2, 2010

[Update: Please note that Dr. Allan Stewart is no longer performing surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center.]

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Valve Clinic Tour: Dr. Adams & Dr. Stelzer Help Trigger Rankings Boost at Mount Sinai Hospital

By Adam Pick on July 27, 2010

When two, leading heart valve surgeons come together at an established cardiac care program, the expectations for success are high.

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Cardiac Clinic Tour: Dr. Kar and Dr. Trento Join Forces In MitraClip Study at Cedars-Sinai Hospital

By Adam Pick on July 14, 2010

Recently, I was extremely lucky to observe Dr. Saibal Kar and his team perform its 103rd MitraClip procedure on a patient with severe mitral regurgitation at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, California.

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Special Announcement: Dr. Eric Roselli’s Chat Transcript Ready For Free Download!

By Adam Pick on July 10, 2010

This past Wednesday, Dr. Eric Roselli, a leading heart surgeon from The Cleveland Clinic, hosted an exclusive internet chat with our patient and caregiver community. Thanks to your questions and your participation, this was a very active and educational chat that is now available in a written transcript.

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Top 6 Questions About Dr. Roselli’s Internet Chat

By Adam Pick on July 6, 2010

My inbox is overflowing with great questions about Dr. Eric Roselli’s chat scheduled for today, Wednesday, July 7 at 2pm (EST). That said, I will use this blog to answer the six, most common questions about this special event:

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“Do You Have A Question About Aortic Valve Surgery?” Asks Adam

By Adam Pick on July 5, 2010

If you are preparing for or recovering from aortic valve surgery, here is a great way to get your questions answered from a surgical expert. This Wednesday, July 7 at 2pm (EST), Dr. Eric Roselli, one of The Cleveland Clinic’s leading heart surgeons, will answer your questions during a special online chat.

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Surgeon Interview: Dr. Jai Raman Discusses Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Treatment

By Adam Pick on June 26, 2010

Several weeks ago, I shared the touching story of William Luna’s high risk valve repair. Shortly thereafter, I received several emails about minimally-invasive procedures and Dr. Jai Raman — the surgeon who performed William’s procedure.

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Dr. Eric Roselli’s Interactive Chat Scheduled For July 7!

By Adam Pick on June 23, 2010

I’m hoping this announcement will help those of you diagnosed with heart valve disorders including aortic valve stenosis and aortic valve regurgitation.

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