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By Adam Pick

Cleveland Clinic Video Special – Mitral Valve Repair Video

By Adam Pick on December 15, 2007

As the leading cardiac care center in the world, The Cleveland Clinic Cardiac Care Center is known for its leading edge research and treatment of valvular problems and disorders. I have been very lucky to meet several members from the TCC team including Dr. Gosta Pettersson and Dr. Eric Roselli.

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How Many Mitral Valve Operations Performed Each Year?

By Adam Pick on November 24, 2007

One of the typical thoughts which appear for patients diagnosed with a severe heart valve disease diagnosis is that of… loneliness. As a heart valve patient wrote me recently, “I feel so alone.”

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What Is Mitral Valve Buckling?

By Adam Pick on August 16, 2007

Every once and a while I get stumped. I mean really stumped! Well. Today is one of those days.

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