2010 Heart Valve Surgery Posts By Adam Pick

By Adam Pick - Patient, Author & HeartValveSurgery.com Founder

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Dr. Marc Gillinov, Cleveland Clinic, Patient Testimonials
MitraClip Patient Success Story - Dr. Saibal Kar
Tricuspid Heart Valve Repair Video
Medical Tourism From England To India For Heart Valve Surgery
Edwards Lifesciences Gets CE Mark For Sapien & Announces More AVR Data
Heart-Lung Machine Longer During Robotic Valve Surgery
Barbara Walters Recovering From Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
“What Does Mitral Stenosis Look Like?” - Pictures
Teddy Bears Open Heart Surgery Patients
Cardiac Depression - How Long Does It Last
Interactive Heart Valve Anatomy Tool
Bob Uecker Heart Valve Surgery
Is Rheumatic Heart Valve Disease Common
Medtronic Acquires ATS Medical Heart Valve Device Consolidation
Aortic Stenosis Progression - How Quick
Mini-Thoracotomy For Heart Valve Surgery For Women Scars
X-Ray Heart Valve Replacement
Ross Procedure Age Limitations For Aortic Stenosis
Incision Site Or Full Body Shave Before Heart Surgery
How Many Times Do Your Four Heart Valves Open And Close
Pregnancy With Bicuspid Aortic Valve
Successful Heart Valve Reoperation
Calcium Supplements & Heart Valve Stenosis
Adam Pick Donates $5,000 To Gift Of Life
Guided Imagery CDs Prepare Patients For Heart Valve Surgery
Tissue Heart Valve Replacements - Open & Close
Dr. Balkhy Performs Robotic Aortic Valve Replacement Using ATS 3f Bioprosthesis
Constipation After Heart Surgery
Jennifer Hirsch, M.D., Earns National Award For Women In Cardiac Surgery
MitraClip Update: Abbott Announces Encouraging Safety Data
Ross Procedure Video Narration By Dr. Paul Stelzer
Mitral Valve Regurgitation Diagnostic Tool
Dr. Niv Ad Discusses Atrial Fibrillation & Heart Valve Surgery
Trifecta Heart Valve European Union Approval
First Heart-Lung Machine
Stroke Heart Valve Replacement
Dr. Gillinov’s Internet Chat Transcript
In Portugal, Filomeno Gets A Carbomedics Aortic Valve Replacement (Video)
Inova Heart & Vascular Institute Atrial Fibrillation Reunion
What Does Heart Valve Disease Sound Like?
When Did You Start Cardiac Rehab?
Cardiac Clinic Tour: Keeping Up With Doctor Chitwood At The East Carolina Heart Institute
Mitral Valve Repair, Blood Clots, A-Fib and Excess Fluid
Sternum Click and Shoulder Pain After Heart Valve Surgery
First Successful Mitral Valve Repair
“Aortic Stenosis… The Neglected Child” By Dr. Giovanni Ciuffo
What Is The MAZE Procedure?
Medtronic’s Melody Gets FDA Approval For Pulmonary Valve Replacement

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